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What's New In the Adirondacks


Meteorologists and storm watchers that have been tracking Hurricane Sandy's destructive path through the Caribbean assume that the storm is going to collide with a cold front as it creeps up the east coast and into New York early next week.

The combination of these two weather systems, dubbed Frankenstorm, is expected to make landfall late Monday night or early Tuesday morning, bringing severe weather conditions to Upstate New York, the Capital Region, and the Adirondacks.

A hurricane colliding with a cold front could bring high winds, as well as heavy rain and snow in New York and New England, according to weather forecasts.

Storms like this are very hard to predict, and we won't really know where or when it will come to land until it gets a little closer. 

Governor Andrew Cuomo has asked residents of New York to pay close attention to TV and radio for the latest information about the storm.

Gear up and get ready for this storm! If Frankenstorm does indeed make its way into Upstate New York and New England, there is potential for power outages, flash flooding and downed trees. Gas up your generator, stock up on bottled water and canned goods, and keep your eye on the forecast!

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Do you think Frankenstorm is going to be the pre-Halloween monster many are predicting, or do you think it's mostly hype?

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