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What's New In the Adirondacks

Local Attempt At A World Record: Tallest Snowman

Can you imagine driving along a snowy road in the Adirondacks and then seeing a snowman over 11 stories tall rising from the horizon

Well, you just might if you're driving in Long Lake, NY during Winter Wacky Week.

On Wednesday, February 20, sculptors will be attempting to construct a snowman that is over 114 feet tall to be considered the world's tallest snowman. 


The construction of the snowman will take place at Mt Sabattis Geiger Arena, in Long Lake, NY.

Everyone that shows up will be able to have fun as they watch a record be made! You and the family can create snow-castles on this day, so bring the beach toys and shovels. There will be snow-castle sculpting tools provided but supplies will limited.

Photo credit: Clearly Ambiguous via photopin cc

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