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Part III: Adirondack 46ers Tell All


Interview With Adirondack 46ers About Hiking All 46 High Peaks

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8. Can you recount any funny, heart-warming, unusual, or scary experiences on any of your hikes?

Tracey B. Laszlo:  On one camping/hiking experience we had a jet boil blow up. We packed up the pieces, ate raw spaghetti and made a wind chime out of the jet boil fragments when we got home.

Jeanne Philion-Nichols:  On our hike to Mount Marcy, a bear rummaged through our gear in the lean-to and dragged my husband's backpack into the woods.
Eric Epner:  Guiding my mom in 1985 (when she was 43) up Marcy, fulfilling a "bucket list" item for her. Also, the first time I climbed Marcy was in April 1979, on one of my first "no adults" trips (I was 16). 

Tom Zebrowski: Coming down from Rocky Mountain Ridge, alone, I came within 30 ft. of a black bear! We stared each other down and didn't lose eye contact or move (this is what I was taught to do) for about 30 seconds, but it seemed like a half an hour. The bear finally went on its own way and I think time-wise, I broke the record on the way down.

9. What advice can you give to aspiring 46ers who wonder how they will get them all done?

Tracey B. Laszlo:  Enjoy the experience however long it takes. Like childhood it goes by quicker than you think and it is bittersweet when it is over.

Russell Martin:  Don't bring dogs, children, or spouses (current or "to be") and run them up mountains they aren't capable of. Few things are more miserable that being with other hikes that aren't enjoying themselves.

Deb Cantales:  Look into joining the Adirondack Mountain Club, as they have scheduled outings to the high peaks and welcome novices. Some of my fondest memories include hiking with the ADK's Onondaga and Rochester chapters and the Tramp and Trail Club of Utica. Through these clubs, you can meet aspiring 46ers.

Tom Zebrowski:  You need a good teacher and hiking partners. Study the area very well, and be prepared for spending the night by carrying the proper gear (even if it is just a day hike). Never give up!!

10. Is there anything else you would like to add about being an Adirondack 46er?

Jonathan Lane, 34:  As beautiful as some of the views are, it's often experiences from the rest of the trail that spark the greatest memories. And try to hike with someone interesting - good conversation will help distract your mind from aching feet during those last few miles of a long hike.

Russell Martin:  Enjoy the hikes, the people, and the scenery, but don't be afraid to get away from the High Peaks to get the full picture. Getting away from the main trail and hiking other peaks will give a new perspective, if not just for the solitude.

Pam Youker:  When you get them all done you will enjoy the physical and mental effects that you have encountered a GREAT amount. Your dry and warm house, home cooked food, and other conveniences will be more enjoyable to you when you are done!

Deb Cantales:  Try to find time to help with trail work and to "give back."

Tom Zebrowski:  To be very frank - besides getting married, having children, and being recognized for my athletic and business accomplishments, being a 46er is and will always be the best accomplishment that I will carry for the rest of [my] life!

This was the final post of a 3-part series on Adirondack 46ers. See Part I and Part II if you missed them.

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