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5 Reasons The Winter Olympics In Lake Placid Were #betterthanSochi

The Winter Olympics are beginning in Sochi, Russia. No doubt exciting, but we can't help but argue that Lake Placid in the Adirondacks was a much better host to the winter games... for all kinds of reasons, starting with the list below. 

1. Lake Placid hotels offer modern amenities... like water.
Sochi hotel nightmares are popping up all over Twitter as visitors are greeted with unfinished hotels and rooms without running water, doorknobs, lightbulbs, heat, electricity, shower curtains, locks and other similar luxuries. Taking a look at Lake Placid hotels, on the other hand, from indoor swimming pools, spas and hot tubs to heated outdoor pools, Lake Placid is a luxurious destination!

sochi water
2. If it's brown, you can flush it down... including your toilet paper.
Signs in Sochi require visitors to throw their used toilet paper into a wastebasket instead of flushing it down. That has to smell good.

sochi don't flush toilet paper sign
See also "pass the toilet paper" and "no fishing in the toilet" on Twitter (Lake Placid is stocked with Rainbow trout, and we promise the fishing is way better in the Adirondacks!)

3. There will be no hotel guests awaiting you in your bed... like random construction workers (unless you like that kind of thing).
Hey, everyone's gotta take a break, but to find a construction worker napping between shifts in your bed, that might not be so cool - well unless he looks like Bruno Mars. Others have come back to their room with their door open, leaving a mystery as to just who could have been using their room... 

sochi door open
4. We have a different definition of "pet friendly."
We love our furry friends, and many Adirondack hotels are pet friendly, so you can take your four legged friends along with you on vacation.  We also have some really cool four legged friends we'd love to introduce you to in the woods (picture of a moose). Meanwhile, in Russia... rumors of hundreds (some say thousands) of stray dogs roaming the Sochi streets... and sneaking into hotels.

sochi stray dog
5. Maybe we should stop there.
I'm sure if you use your imagination, you could come up with a 5th reason why you think the Olympics were better here in Lake Placid vs. Sochi, and why they should come back here next time! Tweet us your ideas using hashtag #betterthanSochi and mention @Adirondacknet -- or just tell us on Facebook.

If you are looking for the best place to celebrate the Olympics in the comfort of Lake Placid, why not book an overnight? You can watch the ski jumpers, speed skate in the Olympic rink and even take a ride in the bobsled run! Learn more about our Olympic venues, and check out luxury hotels and lodging.

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