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With the busy holiday season over, it's time to look toward the future and the start of 2017! Make the end of the year memorable at a fun New Year's celebration, try a polar plunge, or check out another great event happening this weekend in the Adirondacks: December 30 - January 1!

There's a lot to think about during the holiday season: making plans with the family, picking out holiday gifts, and finding time to have fun. Take some time to relax this weekend and plan on attending one of these fantastic holiday and seasonal events going on in the Adirondacks!

Don't miss the Canadian Pacific (CP) Holiday Train this Thanksgiving weekend! Now in its 18th year, the LED-lit Holiday Train will hit the rails once again and travel through the Adirondacks. At each stop, the train will collect local donations and feature a box car stage and live music!

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From July 1-4, there will be 4th of July celebrations and fireworks displays in and around the Adirondacks. Check out our list of celebrations and see which one is closest to you!

Back in March, the Essex County Board of Supervisors changed the definition of a "dangerous firework." However, this past Monday, this definition was clearly defined and outlined which types of fireworks would now be available for purchase just in time for the Fourth of July!

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Part I Part II | Part III | Part IV 

Part IV: The New Mantle

The two adults sat quietly looking at the boy, almost speechless.  The story they had heard fascinated them into silence.

At length Carlton O'Leary spoke up.  "These nails which I have carried around with me for decades, as if they had no value, have turned out to be the most important nails of any carpenter in history.  If the world knew their value they would be priceless."

"Indeed they would be, Mr. O'Leary," softly answered Joseph.  "Indeed they would be."

The old collector again gazed at the boy and his father.  "For now, do nothing with the mantle-piece.  I want to think about what I should do with these nails.  Please go into town and get other supplies to fasten it in place."

An hour later the father and son returned with the necessary materials to install the shelf above the fireplace.  O'Leary was sitting quietly in his favorite chair watching as the waves rippled across the lake.  In the distance some clouds shrouded the peaks of the Adirondack Mountains.  All around the lake a dense forest of trees stood guard.

Photo Credit: Marc Rabice
Part I Part II | Part III | Part IV 

Part III: The Birth

"That is quite the dream, young man," commented Carlton.  "I am intrigued, as a collector.  What else did this soldier tell you about these nails at the birth of Christ?"

Thomas took a deep breath and glanced at his dad for reassurance. 

"It is ok, son. Mr. O'Leary and I are quite interested.  Tell us what Marcus told you."

Thomas apologized because he didn't remember the exact words of the guard, but he would tell them about what the man had explained.

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Part I Part II | Part III | Part IV 

Part II: The Dream

"What is on your mind, son" asked the carpenter?  It had only taken a second for him see that something about the old tarnished nails had caused Thomas to reduce almost to tears.

Carlton's voice sounded a little sheepish as he apologized, "Thomas, I meant nothing by my question.  You are welcome to use these old spikes."  Turning to the carpenter he added "I did not intend to offend you or your boy."

He then looked at the boy and offered with some conciliation, "You may keep the nails if they mean something to you, young man.  I am sure they have no real value.  I only accepted them from the merchant as an act of good will.  They are easily replaced."

Photo Credit: fsgm via photopin cc

Trying desperately to bring his son out of the sudden melancholy his father added, "I'm certain there are other nails that will work just perfectly.   I'll go find them.  You can keep these antiques.  After all, there are five nails here and only three were used to hang Jesus on the Cross.  So, like Mr. O'Leary said these are only part of an old story."

"But, dad" interrupted the boy, "when I fell asleep I had a dream about these nails that seemed weird." 

"What do you mean by weird?" O'Leary questioned.
With perfectly pink elk loin, a 1983 Baron Philippe de Rothschild Chateau d'Armailhac bordeaux blend, homemade cookies by your fire-side bed and an outdoor sauna by the pond, Friends Lake Inn makes overnight guests feel like they are on their second honeymoon (or on their way to their first).
Searching for that thrilling boom in your chest and dazzle in your eyes this Fourth of July? There will be fireworks displays all over the Adirondacks!