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All trails have deep snow! If you're looking to ski or snowshoe this is a perfect weekend for it. Here are the trail conditions, weather updates, and all the information you need to have a safe and enjoyable time out in the Adirondacks.

Snow has piled up from the recent winter storm and avalanches are possible in the Adirondacks. If you're heading out to hike or ski this weekend you'll definitely want to be aware of weather conditions and trail notices.

Winter storm Stella brought a lot of snow to the Adirondacks this week, with three feet or more blanketing higher elevations and even one to two feet in the periphery regions. The weather is expected to remain blustery and cold through the weekend, with the possibility for additional snowfall. 

The DEC is advising winter outdoor enthusiasts to be prepared for deep snow this week and weekend in the Adirondacks. Read on for trail and ice conditions, advisories, and expected weather. 


Winter Storm Stella has been upgraded to a blizzard, consisting of heavy snowfall and high winds for the rest of Tuesday and into Wednesday morning. The forecast is calling for snowfall rates of 2"+ per hour, and wind gusts up to 35 mph creating very poor visibility. Total snowfall accumulations will be between 18-24" in most of the park, with some higher elevations getting upwards of 3 feet of snow.

State Police have advised motorists to stay off the roads for any unnecessary travel. Low visibility and slippery conditions make for very hazardous roads.

Stay inside, shovel your driveway, and think about the fresh powder you'll be skiing this weekend!


Nor'easter Stella is tracking towards the region right now, and will dump considerable amounts of snow on the northeast in multiple phases over the next couple of days.

There are blizzard warnings in effect for NYC and high wind warnings up the coast. Current predictions have our area of Upstate New York seeing 12-18" of snowfall through Wednesday. The storm is expected to start on Tuesday morning between 7:00 and 9:00am and will continue well into Wednesday.

Snowfall rates of 1-2" per hour, plus the threat of high winds and 35mph gusts will drastically cut visibility, and make driving a hazard. Prepare today, and be safe tomorrow!

A high water bridge is currently unsafe and unusable, a fire tower has been damaged by ice wind, and of course the weather continues to be crazy! Learn about these and other notices that could impact your weekend hiking plans.


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Unusually warm weather followed by freezing temperatures can make for some interesting trail conditions! Know what to expect before heading out.

Since temperatures are above average in the Adirondacks, you might be planning an outdoor adventure this weekend. Unfortunately, rain is expected in the High Peaks Region on Friday and Saturday, and hikers are asked to be cautious of potential avalanches and flooding. Sunday may be your best bet for a winter hike, so plan ahead.

Photo Credit: Antoni Zaborek Wildlife Photography
Ready for the long Presidents' Day weekend? After the recent snowstorms, conditions are excellent for skiing and snowshoeing in the High Peaks Region. However, if you do go for a winter hike, be prepared for an above average number of hikers during the busy weekend.

Photo Credit: Jacob Geer