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Roundup of What's New in the Adirondacks

Discover what's happening in communities throughout the Adirondack Park! Our Adirondack news roundup features the latest updates about businesses, major event announcements, and a variety of other local stories.

New Yorkers, Please Respect Wildlife

A fawn in the wild
Photo Credit Gerry Lemmo

The DEC (New York State Department of Environmental Conservation) Interim Commissioner Sean Mahar wants to remind New Yorkers to respect wildlife this season by keeping a safe distance and refraining from touching or moving young wildlife.

Young wild animals such as birds and fawn are rarely abandoned. Parents would only leave their young alone to keep them hidden from predators while they are off finding food. If you come across an animal that looks abandoned, don't worry, their parent will return shortly!

However, if you do find a young wild animal that is injured or orphaned, it's recommended to contact a trained and licensed DEC wildlife rehabilitator.

Keep in mind the increasing risk of rabies in raccoons, foxes, skunks, or bats. Going near these animals could endanger your life as well as theirs. Protect both your lives by keeping your distance, and calling the local DEC regional wildlife office if needed.

Lastly, wildlife animals live only in the wild, not in our houses. Taking a wildlife animal from their habitat and placing it in your home endangers yourself and the wild animal, and it is illegal.

Please remember, if you care, leave it there. For more information about young wildlife, visit the DEC’s website.

Source: NYS DEC Website

Plan for Cow Plop Bingo This Summer

cow plop bingo at best 4th in the north
Images provided

The Best 4th in North, one of the top July 4th events in the Adirondacks, will include a unique fundraiser this year: Cow Plop Bingo.

Cow Plop Bingo will take place on July 3 at 5pm as part of the Best 4th in the North schedule of events. 

Tickets are $20 each, with a grand prize of $1,000. More details are expected to be released as we get closer, and you can keep an eye on the Best 4th in the North Facebook page and and the Ticonderoga Montcalm Street Partnership at

Ticonderoga's Newest Breakfast Spot: Ticonderoga Bagel and Coffee

stock photo of coffee and bagel with cream cheese

Ticonderoga's downtown is getting a delicious makeover thanks to Ticonderoga Bagel and Coffee, a new shop offering homemade bagels and fresh roasted coffee. Owner Drew Metzler, following what he believes was a divine calling, has transformed a condemned building into a vibrant community hub.

Metzler isn't just passionate about revitalizing the neighborhood; he's passionate about his food. Every day, he handcrafts bagels from scratch, offering a variety of flavors alongside muffins and pastries. He even experimented with unique offerings, like his popular egg bagels and jalapeno cream cheese.

This dedication to quality and customer preference is core to Ticonderoga Bagel and Coffee's mission. They're constantly evolving their menu based on what the community wants.

"We are a mom and pop shop with two devoted people who are very happy to be here in Ti," says Metzler.

The shop opens at 6 am daily, with a line already forming each morning. They are eager to become an integral part of Ticonderoga's growth and are even considering expanding to offer hot meals in the future.

So, if you're looking for a delicious breakfast and a chance to meet some friendly faces, head down to Ticonderoga Bagel and Coffee!

Source: The Sun

Ticonderoga Gets Grant Money for Arts Center

people on lawn near road
Downtown Ticonderoga on the Fourth of July

Ticonderoga has received state funding for downtown projects, reports WCAX, including $2.1 million to go towards a new Adirondack Performing Arts Center.

The building slated for the arts center needs to be purchased from the Knights of Columbus and significantly upgraded, falling in line with ADA rules.

The third floor will act as a concert hall, while the second will consist of the nonprofit We Are Instrumental. Pride of Ticonderoga is also getting in on the project.


  • WCAX: NY grants include renovation of Adirondack Performing Arts Center

Experts Predict a Muddy, Wet & Warm Summer

mud by lake, people swimming and kayaking

Adirondack Almanack reports that scientists are predicting above-average temperatures and precipitation for summer 2024 in the Park, which means muddy trails for hikers. 

Specifically, there is a 99% chance that 2024 will be among the five hottest years on record, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

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