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Things To Do In The Adirondacks

Find fun things to do in the Adirondacks! No matter the season, the Adirondack Region is jam packed with a wide range of activities for every age, from amusement parks and museums to hiking trails and shopping hotspots.

There's so much to do in the Adirondacks! See an extensive list of options including outdoor fun.
Adirondack attractions appeal to those seeking sights and solitude, as well as folks looking for an adventure.
You don't have to be a history or art buff to appreciate ADK museums and historic sites!
Discover miles of trails for all skill levels in the Adirondack Hiking Guide.
It's never too early to get excited about winter in the Adirondacks! Find ski resorts, centers, and guides who can help you this winter.
Enjoy fun for the whole family with these kid-friendly amusements and activities from museums to outdoor fun.
Visit these local wineries, breweries, and distilleries and sample their unique craft beverages.
Shop 'til you drop in the Adirondacks! Find local art, sweet ADK decor, and more.

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Break out the firewood and s'mores supplies, it's camping time in the ADK! Find campsites, campgrounds, and more.
Experience the Adirondacks with the expertise of a professional guide service or with an organized tour. Check out snowshoeing, ice fishing, and more.
Check out these 12 unique activities that can you can do in the Adirondacks, but not much place else. What's your favorite?
Enjoy on-the-water fun in the Adirondacks as you build memories with your favorite people. From boat rentals to kayaking, there are plenty of things to do.
Enjoy a scenic ride around the Adirondack Park as you find areas to explore by car.
Love fresh produce and locally produced goods? Check out the list of Adirondack farmers markets and stop by one when they're in season.
Marvel at the seven wonders of the Adirondacks and make a plan to visit each must-see special location.
Mountain biking is more popular than ever! Discover trails and more info in the Adirondack Biking Guide.
A gorgeous lake, a hiking challenge, horseback riding, and more - see why you'll want to include Chestertown in your vacation plans.
pink fireworks over a lake
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Looking for fireworks? Sparks will fly come the Fourth of July and at winter carnivals in the Adirondack Park.
Go golfing at an Adirondack area golf course and test your skills as you get back into the swing of things.
Pair up with an experienced guide and try the exhilarating sport of whitewater rafting this fall!
Discover over a dozen ways you can make your next trip to the Adirondack Park with the kids an adventerous one!
Have you heard of forest bathing? Find out what this sensory adventure is all about and how it differs from a walk in the woods.
Take a scenic drive through the Adirondack Park and visit these seven covered bridges. There are only 23 historic covered bridges in the entire state!
If you've been bitten by the pickleball bug, or are curious about this popular sport, check out places to play pickleball in the ADK.
The Thurman area gets a lot sweeter come spring with the Thurman Maple Days! Get the details on this popular event.
Teddy Roosevelt with his arms out
Discover Newcomb
TR Weekend in Newcomb takes place each September. See the schedule and get in on all the fun!
The I Love BBQ & Music Festival is a massive fundraising event that takes place in Lake Placid each year.