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Adirondack Hiking Guide

Hiking in the Adirondacks is a favorite activity of residents and visitors alike. There are countless trails and mountains to discover throughout the 6-million-acre Adirondack Park. Hikes vary from short and easy to steep and strenuous.

Included here is a variety of hiking content, from lists of mountains and different types of hikes to safety tips and stunning photos. Browse through the features, and plan your next hike today!

Alan Nudi
Hikers and recreationists of the ADK are asked to adopt the 7 Principles of Leave No Trace, so we can all enjoy the Park for years to come.
sign for goodwin preserve on trail
Get the trail notices, weather forecast, and more info to know before your Adirondack hike by checking the current conditions.
bridge over stream in fall
New to hiking in the Adirondacks? Find some great beginner hikes, tips on what to bring, and more in the beginner's guide.
path in woods with snow
Winter hiking is a whole different animal in the Adirondacks! Check out the Winter Hiking Guide for tips and more important info.
green mountain peak
The High Peaks region of the  Adirondacks is a haven for hiking enthusiasts. Read all about the 46 High Peaks!
purple shuttle
Get your High Peaks FAQ answered, including info on hiker shuttles and parking at the Adirondack Mountain Reserve.
Chester Challenge logo
The Chester Challenge. The Lake George 12ster Challenge. The Fire Tower Challenge. Check out a variety of hiking challenges!
man giving dog water on summit
Bringing a furry friend with you on your excursion to the great outdoors? Check out the Hiking With Dogs guide for tips and trails.
toddler on summit
Make it an adventure for the entire family! We've rounded up eight suggestions for kid-friendly hikes in the Adirondack area.
dad drinks from water bottlel, toddler in backpack carrier smiles
Hiking with kids? We can help! Check out eight tips on how make the most of your outing with little ones.
waterfall over rocks
John Holmes
Looking to see some amazing waterfalls while you're out hiking in the Adirondacks? Check out 11 epic waterfalls to add to your must-hike list!
John Holmes
Scroll through a list of Adirondack waterfalls, some of which are reached by a strenuous hike, others are just off the beaten path.
group on a mountain summit
Whether you're a beginning at the activity or want to tap into the knowledge of an expert, hire an Adirondack guide service to lead your hike.
trail sign Cobble Lookout
If you're looking for day hikes check out these mountain trails that aren't too long and still offer fantastic sights.
two hikers
Avoid foot pain and properly break in new hiking boots before you hit the trails in the Adirondacks.
group of people wading in a river
The Adirondacks are the perfect place for forest bathing, a sensory and healing journey you can experience when you soak in the sights, sounds, and smells of nature.
two people hiking up stairs in woods
View an extensive list of hikes in the Adirondacks, and sort by region to discover which ones are suitable for you.
muddy hiking boots
Spring is mud season in the Adirondacks! Take special precautions to protect the environment and yourself when you go hiking this time of year.
woman hikes with backpack on
Alan Nudi
Hike within your means and #HikeSmart. Read up on crucial safety tips before you head out on the trail or up a mountain.
Protect yourself from ticks in the Adirondacks by browsing these comprehensive tips and further information on these dangerous pests.
black fly on someone's skin
Not bein properly prepared for black flies can seriously damper a hiking excursion. Here's what you need to know.
adirondack mountain summit in winter
These photos showcase mountain summits with possibly the 10 best views in the Adirondacks. See them for yourself!
geocache container
Jump into the worldwide treasure hunt known as geocaching! The Adirondack Park is a perfect place to try out this hobby.
trail runner
If you like to run and stay active, then you should check out trail running in the Adirondacks. We get you started with tips and places to go.
lightning storm
Thunderstorms can pop up in the Adirondacks even when they're not forecasted. Learn how to protect yourself in case you get caught in one.
view from summit
Hear it from the Facebook friends - we've highlighted 42 favorite hiking spots to add to your Adirondack bucket list.
man at summit doing I'm King of the World pose
Hiking gives us all the feels! Check out photos of hikers in their element out in the mountains or on the trails.
brown trout
So many activities are excellent to pair with hiking like fishing, paddling, or camping. See more in our Specialty Guides.

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