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Regional Adirondack Blogs

Find interesting tid-bits and little known insight about the vast Adirondack Region straight from the mouth of the locals. Are you a community member and have something to say about the Adirondacks? We invite you to contact us if you are interested in starting your own blog to be featured here.

What's New In The Adirondacks

Discover Adirondack Events & Happenings

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Snowbirds Seek Skiing Over Sun in Places Like North Creek

“Snowbirds” refers to a group of seasonal travelers, usually retirees, who live in the Northeast or Midwest during the warmer months and then head south during the winter. COVID-19 affected the travel – and second house-buying – plans for many, and now a new trend has emerged. Searches for Homes in North Creek Skyrocket According […]

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Around the Adirondack Region

News, happenings and events throughout the Adirondack Park

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Winter Weather, Hiking Notices & More for the Adirondacks

This week we have info gears towards ice anglers and snowmobilers in addition to winter hikers. Find out what you need to know for Adirondack recreation below! Current Weather Report & Snow Accumulation Crown Point: Fri 37° and mostly cloudy, Sat 38° and rain and snow, Sun 38° and cloudy Indian Lake: Fri 32° and […]

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