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Doug Levine from Windham, NY wrote on Tuesday, June 24, 2014 at 9:59 PM
My family starts the camping season off here first.No matter where else we may go we start and end the season here.The staff is very accommodating and friendly, they make you feel at home from check in to check out.We usually need three sites because we camp with family and they always are so helpful when we book.So much fun for everyone no matter how young or old, so many activities and the place is spotless.Thank you for making our camping experience so much fun.
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john wrote on Monday, September 02, 2013 at 12:38 AM
When call to make reservations you tell you want what site you want they say no problem that's the 1800 number they say you can have the site then when you get to the lodge to check in you don't have that site number you wabt they say you can't reserve sites one says yes one says no but if you pay them ext ra you can have what ever site you want. Also the managment they have there is terrible and very rude they say they have two pools yeah they have a pool that is a baby pool and the other pool next ro it is a little bigger they deffently don't have enough room in the pool for all the quest that stay there especially the weekends and the amount of clorine they put in the pool is horrible it burns your face and eyes they deffently don't have enough ammenities to accommidate the amount of people that stay in the park. The staff at the reservation desk is very rude and inconaiderate we have been comming here for ten years since corporation took over it has went down hill and the managment is horrble the people in the park speed and drink and drive and the managment don't do nothi ng about it the quebecs are rude as ever the dj chaz plays the same music over and over the cafe never has the food on menu and the game room never has tixkets I the machine or never work this park has went down hill abd I will never return again so if your looking for park to fit your needs as to pool and stuff its horrible the pool is disgusting dirty cracked poor dj rude customer service after ten years of this place its horrible when the old owner ran it it was great but again since this managers been here its gone down hill for the past 8 years its a shane
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K Stewart from Utica , Ny wrote on Thursday, August 15, 2013 at 9:58 AM
My family and I LOVE this campground! There is something to do for every age. My sons ages 15 and 10 request this place as the one place we go to camp every year. They would even prefer to stay there all weekend and not even go to the park nearby! If you forget anything one of the two stores there are bound to have it! Great family atmosphere with a ton of planned activities and amenities. Bathrooms and showers are always clean and usually fairly close to your campsite. In the years that we have been coming, I have yet to see my campsite dirty or not up to my standards.
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Jackson Hickey from Milton, Vt wrote on Sunday, August 04, 2013 at 1:12 PM
I was very disappointed in this place. I had called ahead and made a reservation to stay there a night. I was turned away at 8:30 pm because I am not 21, I did not see it in the policies and I had told them I was 18 and they said it was okay. They did absolutely nothing to help me out. I had to find a place that late in the night and they were very rude. It appeared to be a nice campground but the customer service was awful.
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Eric lever from Ludlow, Vt wrote on Sunday, July 21, 2013 at 7:38 PM
This was the third time that we have stayed at this campground but we were disappointed with all the liter that we noticed throughout the campground. The first thing that happened was that we were overcharged and that we had to bring it to their attention a few times before we received our credit. Compared to the family that we invited over there to stay with us our bill was $20 more than their's. the second thing is that when we arrived at our campsite we needed to pick up all the trash on our site before we set up. and the campground was overrun with Brush and weeds. sorry to say we will probably not be going back there again.
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