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Scott Stevens

Scott Stevens grew up in Lake Luzerne, and spent much of his childhood in the outdoors, hiking, camping and fishing. After spending four years at SUNY Oswego in Central New York, he couldn't wait to get back to the Adirondack Mountains! Currently living in Hudson Falls, a day in the woods is only a short drive away, and is always enticing at the end of the work week.

Scott began his quest to climb all 46 of the Adirondack high-peaks last summer, and will continue climbing this summer, and future summers, until he reaches this goal. He also truly enjoys trout fishing, and with the countless rivers, streams and ponds in the Adirondacks, who doesn't?

Read his blog as he explores the Adirondack Mountains on day hikes, over-night outings, and fishing trips this summer. He vows to keep you in the loop as he updates his gear, plans his trips, and hits the woods! Please, feel free to comment and share posts - as he does have some experience, there is always more to learn!

March 2012 Archives

Yesssss! It's almost here! Trout season officially opens this Sunday, April 1 throughout New York State. I'm sure if you're reading this you're probably just as excited as I am.

I don't even know where I'm going to fish yet. I've been going back and forth between heading to a river with a few friends as if it were a holiday or something, and hiking in to my favorite little stream by myself to try to land a few brookies in peace and quiet. I guess I'll decide Saturday night or Sunday morning.

I've got some new gear in preparation of the season opener, and thought I would share with you..
So yesterday I packed away my ice fishing gear for the year. I can probably find some ice somewhere to fish on this weekend, but I'm not going to risk it. It's time to start getting ready for opening day of trout season on April 1st.

In preparation, I bought myself some goodies. After contemplating a new reel since last fishing season, and staring at one all winter every time I stopped at Crossroads for bait, I finally pulled the trigger and bought one...

I headed up to Schroon Lake on Saturday and had very little luck ice fishing. I went with my friend Josh and his cousin Zack, neither of whom are early risers. So we weren't on the ice and set up until about 10:30am. This is much later than I would have chosen, but in the interest of saving gas, we wanted to go together so I dealt with it.

All day (we were on the ice for seven hours) we got one flag between the three of us, on 15 tip-ups. Zack caught a Lake Trout that was a keeper. Josh jigged up one Perch, and a Laker that was too small to keep. I jigged up one Perch. If it wasn't for the perfect weather, cold beer, and a delicious lunch from The Crossroads, I probably wouldn't have stayed as long as I did.

On Sunday I headed to the Saratoga City Center to check out the Adirondack Sports & Fitness Expo..


April 1st Is Right Around The Corner, And You Know What That Means

Ice fishing season will be coming to an end pretty soon, and I'll take a couple weekends off before it's time to hit the stream with my fly rod. The weather is going to get pretty warm, and I'm not going to trust any ice around here after next weekend. I could drive north in search of a frozen lake, but I would rather spend my time and money this month getting my things together for trout season.

That said, I am planning on heading north for one more weekend of ice fishing on Saturday. My friend Josh (the one who gave me that jig that I caught an 18" Brown on) and I are thinking that we might drive up to Blue Mountain Lake, or maybe even Lake Eaton this weekend to try to pull some big fish up through the ice.