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Schroon Lake

Essex County, Warren County, NY


Schroon Lake is a wonderful fishing location for various coldwater and warmwater species.

 Schroon Lake is a medium size body of water located on the Warren and Essex county line. Throughout the summer smallmouth bass and largemouth bass can be caught. Smallmouths will be along the rocky areas adjaced to the deep water. Largemouths will be seen in the weedy areas of the lake. 

Northern pike can be caught in the weedbeds, but the biggest pike are caught ice fishing in the witner. 

Landlocked salmon and lake trout populations are steady throughout the years because of the 10,000 fish that are annually stocked. 

Anglers are suggested to find the schools of smelt and to troll with smelt-imitation. They can access the lake from the state launch on the south end or from a village ramp at the north end. 

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