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The Cabins at Chimney Mountain

Big Brook Road
Indian Lake, NY 12842


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We did not stay at the cabins but seeked permission from owners to climb Puffer Mt. on 9/2/23, They gractiously granted permission, with the caveat that we respect their property, leave no trash, have dogs leashed (we had no dog). My take is that this area is their paradise, and wish to control/monitor the number of visitors using their property to access the trails. They promptly reply to e mails. I suspect that if hikers wish to access state land from the cabins, a polite, courtesy call for permission would be in order. They are considering a reservation system, similar to AMR at high peaks.
Compared to the past, I noted a definite improveement to the property, with the guests enjoying the grounds. Truly a peaceful paradise. Thank YOU Mr. / Mrs. Marks for allowing our group to access state land from your parking area. Events

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