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Are The Adirondacks Open Right Now? And Other COVID-19-Related FAQs

Are you wondering whether visitors are welcome in the Adirondacks? We have the answer to that and many other frequently asked questions we've been receiving. Since things have been changing at a rapid pace, we'll be constantly updating this page to keep it as accurate as possible.


General Questions

Will the New York State travel advisory impact my visit?

As of April 1, 2021, domestic travelers are longer required to quarantine upon entering New York State.

You can read more about the travel advisory here.

Are Adirondack communities welcoming out-of-state guests?

When the time is right for you to travel, the Adirondacks are ready to welcome you back, provided that you abide by the travel advisory detailed above. It's also extremely important that travelers thoroughly research their options for lodging, dining, and activities before arriving.

Although certain industries have been cleared to open, it doesn't mean that all businesses within that industry are currently open. If there are specific places you're hoping to visit, you'll want to call them directly to learn more about their status.

Those who do decide to come to the Adirondacks are asked to maintain social distance from others, follow the hiker responsibility code, wear masks and be polite and respectful of others. Prospective visitors should also note that public restroom availability is more limited than it may have been during previous visits, so be prepared for that reality.

Where do I have to wear a mask?

If you are in a public indoor space, requested to do so by a business, or are unable to keep at least six feet away from people who aren't members of your household whether indoors or outdoors, you must wear a mask that covers your nose and mouth. Your mask should be on hand at all times, so you can put it on if you aren't able to keep an adequate distance from others.

Many businesses are required to enforce facial covering and social distancing policies, including restaurants and pubs, where masks must be worn when you are not at your table or designated seating area. Pay attention to any signs they may have posted regarding masks and be respectful if a business owner asks you to put your mask on.

Why do I have to wear a mask? I am healthy and am not worried about contracting COVID-19.

As part of New York State's effort to stop the spread of COVID-19, everyone must wear a mask. It is possible to unknowingly spread the virus to more vulnerable populations even if you aren't showing any symptoms yourself. When you wear your mask, you're helping to keep the Adirondacks healthy and safe, and are contributing to the Adirondacks' return to a "new normal."

Lodging & Accommodations

Are hotels open? What about other lodging properties?

Most hotels, cabins and cottages, bed & breakfasts, and inns are are currently open and accepting reservations, and all have new safety and sanitization measures in place. If there's a specific hotel or lodging property you're wondering about, you should contact them directly.

Are campgrounds open?

Campgrounds are allowed to open, but some may still be seasonally closed until later this spring. If you are planning to visit those campgrounds that have already opened, please keep in mind that some amenities - including community restrooms and showers - may have reduced or restricted access.

Are Adirondack Mountain Club's lodging facilities open?

The Heart Lake Cabins, Johns Brook Camps, and Johns Brook lean-tos are all open, but guests are required to wear masks at check-in and whenever they're within six feet of others.

The Wilderness Campground at Heart Lake is open at full capacity. Mask requirements apply.

Adirondak Loj is open at limited capacity and is booking private rooms, loft, four-person, and six-person bunkrooms. The loft, four- and six-person bunkrooms are open to single-family units only.

If you have questions for Adirondack Mountain Club, you can contact them directly at 518-523-3441.

Restaurants & Dining

Are restaurants open for outdoor dining?

Restaurants in the Adirondacks are able to open for outdoor dining. Restaurants must follow certain requirements that include: tables must be spaced at least six feet apart; all staff must wear face coverings; and all customers must wear face coverings when not seated. Some restaurants are requiring reservations, so your best bet is to call ahead before arriving.

Are restaurants open for indoor dining?

Restaurants and bars in the Adirondacks are able to open their indoor spaces at 75% capacity. Restaurants have mask requirements and other protocols in place, so it's safest to call ahead or check specific restaurants' websites or Facebook pages to learn more about their policies and whether or not they're taking reservations.

What Adirondack restaurants are offering takeout and/or delivery?

You can find out which restaurants in the various regions of the Adirondacks are open for takeout and/or delivery on our list here »

Attractions, Activities & Events

What attractions and activities are currently open?

Click here to see the list of attractions and activities that are open. We are constantly updating the list, but still recommend that you contact businesses directly to confirm their status and hours of operation before arriving.

What trails are open in the Adirondacks?

For the most part, nearly all public trails in the Adirondacks are open. For trail conditions and other notices, you can visit the DEC's website here.

What are the trail conditions like?

Spring has arrived, which means "mud season" is here. Hikers can expect to encounter mud at lower elevations, with snow and ice still present at higher elevations. Hikers must be prepared with traction devices, plenty of layers of clothing, and adequate supplies. Remember to walk through mud, not around it, to protect delicate trailside vegetation.

We publish a weekly hiking conditions update on Fridays with more specific information and current conditions. You can find it here »

Are there any extra safety precautions I need to take while hiking?

The first thing you should do when planning for a hike is pack your face mask. If you find yourself in a crowded area - like a trailhead or summit - where you are unable to keep six feet of space between yourself and non-household members, you should put on a face mask that fully covers your nose and mouth.

Hikers are also encouraged to bring hand sanitizer or soap that can be used when needed.

Signing in and out at trail registers is extremely important for safety purposes, but extra precautions should be taken during this time. Bring your own pen or pencil so you don't have to share one with strangers. Touch surfaces at the register station as minimally as possible. Wear your mask while you're signing in or out and use hand sanitizer as soon as you're done.

If you arrive at a trailhead and find the parking area to be overly crowded, return on a different day or choose another trail that may be less crowded.

Can I climb to the top of fire towers?

Hikers should not climb fire towers during the early spring because the structures are slippery and unsafe.

Is the High Peaks Information Center open?

The trail information and parking booth at the High Peaks Information Center is currently open. Rentals and essential items are available for curbside pickup, but they must be ordered at least one hour in advance.

The Hungry Hiker, which is located adjacent to the High Peaks Information Center, is still closed for the season.

I've never been hiking in the Adirondacks before. What should I know before I go?

Although it is fun to explore the great outdoors in the Adirondacks, the wilderness can also be extremely dangerous for those who are not adequately prepared, especially in the winter. If you're looking to try hiking in the Adirondacks for the first time, you should be realistic about your abilities and do adequate research before traveling here. The Regional Office of Sustainable Tourism has a website called "Love Your Adirondacks" that can help teach some of the basics of recreating in the Adirondacks.

Additionally, it's important to note that there are a limited number of forest rangers to aid in search-and-rescue efforts in the Adirondacks.

Will major events be taking place as planned?

Since large public gatherings are not currently allowed in the Adirondacks, most events that were originally scheduled have been canceled or postponed. We're keeping our Adirondack events calendar as up-to-date as possible with postponements, cancellations, and new events. It could be awhile before these types of gatherings are able to take place again. If you're wondering about a specific event, we recommend that you contact that event's organizers to confirm the event's status before coming to the Adirondacks.


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