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Biking Trails in the Adirondacks

Adirondack Mountain Biking Trails, Paths & Routes

There are many great trails and pathways in the Adirondacks that are specifically for biking. Below is a small sampling of some of the road and mountain trails:

Inlet/Old Forge Area: Includes trails in Inlet, Old Forge, Raquette Lakeand Big Moose Lake

Safford Pond: 4.5 mile trail that connects Big Moose Lake and Lake Rondaxe. Beginner/Intermediate trail starts on Big Moose Road, and ends on Ronaxe North Shore Road.

Seventh Lake Trail: Located in Inlet, this trail runs along Seventh Lake for 4.4 miles. Intermediate difficulty level, with a single track and fairly level terrain. Lots of places to stop and swim or enjoy the lake along the way.

Black Bear Trail to Bug Lake & Morgan's Miles: 7-Mile Inlet and Raquette Lake trail has some flat dirt roads that are great for beginning bikers. There are also some more challenging off-road trails for more advanced riders.

TOBIE Pedestrian and Bike Path

This bike path connects the communities of Thendara, Old Forge, Big Moose, Inlet, and Eagle Bay (TOBIE).


  1. The paved trail begins south of Thendara on State Route 28
  2. Turn right at the train station and go on Forge Street, then the road will hit Route 28 again on the right
  3. After a mile, the trail turns right onto Hemlock Street, and the turns left over Moose River
  4. The trail follows Railroad Avenue, and then it turns right onto a trail behind the school
  5. Stay on the trail as it crosses South Shore Road in front of the Medical Center and travels in front of Old Forge Pond
  6. Keep going behind the Visitor Center and the town beach, and then go over the covered bridge
  7. Cross Route 28 onto North Street, and then stay on North Street
  8. North Street leads to unpaved snowmobile trails that lead to Big Moose, Eagle Bay, and Inlet
  9. These trails are closed during hunting season and snowmobilng season (September 14 - April 1)

Saranac Lake & Lake Placid Bike Routes - Road rides ending in Lake Placid NY. Some of the trails are listed below:

The Peninsula Trails: An easy access trail in Lake Placid with a variety of difficulty levels and swimming opportunities. The main trail brings you right to the shores of the lake.

Connery Pond Truck Road: A short dirt road suitable for all ability levels. Part of this Adirondack bike trail is in the Wilderness area and is closed to ATBs.

Oseetah, Jackrabbit Extension and the Tracks in Saranac Lake: These tracks are both flat and fast. There is a parking area here with good bike trails for beginners and intermediate riders as well as advanced terrain trails.

Other popular area bikeways:

Warren County Bikeway - A 9.5 mile paved bikeway that runs from the shores of Lake George at Battlefield Park to the Glens Falls Feeder Canal, this bikeway is suitable for nearly all levels of participation. It includes gradual terrain, some hilly and forested sections, and includes some urban sections as well.

Lake Champlain Bikeways – An 1,100 mile network of interconnected bicycle routes, this route stretches from the southern Adirondacks and the Vermont Green Mountains, all the way north to Quebec, Canada. Originally a 350 mile loop around Lake Champlain, this extensive network of trails offers shorter biking routes with varying degrees of difficulty to satisfy the whole family. This trail system includes four ferry crossings, and two bridge crossings.

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