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Upper Hudson Bluegrass Festival

JOHNSBURG NY - Have an ear for sweet Bluegrass music? Come to the 6th Annual Upper Hudson Bluegrass Festival in Johnsburg, near the heart of the Adirondack Park!

Listen to the melodious sounds of artists such as Beartracks, Tim Graves and the Cherokees, The Cabin Fever Band, Don’t Quit Your Day Job, and many other flavorful ensembles, set against the backdrop of beautiful Adirondack Park landscape and the banks of the pristine upper Hudson River. The event is held in Johnsburg Ski Bowl Park, where there is a new pavilion, restrooms, plenty of parking space for autos and motor homes (however, there are no hookups available), and of course, an unmatchable view of the mountains. Parking is complimentary with the purchase of a weekend parking pass.

Advance tickets are $35 and day of are $45 for the weekend. For single and half-day tickets, prices vary. Sites are available on a first-come, first serve basis, so be sure to hurry and be on time for Thursday at noon when the park opens. Once you are inside, you will enjoy treasured bluegrass tunes from the morning to the evening. For visitors, there are several hotels and restaurants available in the nearby town of North Creek.

For more information on the 6th Annual Upper Hudson Bluegrass Festival, visit their website.


6th Annual Upper Hudson Fall Bluegrass Festival

Date: Aug 21-23, 2009

Location: Ski Bowl Park, Johnsburg, NY     

Admission: $35 adv, $45 day of weekend passes. Friday Aug 21 one day pass $15. Sat Aug 22 one day pass $25 (after 5pm 12) Sunday Aug 23 $10.

Events & Entertainment:

Friday, August 21:
12:00-12:45   Don't Quit Your Day Job  
12:45-1:30   Warren County Ramblers  
1:30-2:15   John Hudson & Friends  
2:15-3:00   Seth Sawyer Band  
3:00-3:45   Bear Tracks  
3:45-4:30   Vern Young  
4:30-5:15   Open Stage  
5:15-6:00   Warren County Ramblers  
6:00-6:45   Don’t Quit Your Day Job  
6:45-7:30   John Hudson & Friends  
7:30-8:15   Seth Sawyer  
8:15-9:00   Vern Young  
9:00-9:45   Bear Tracks

Saturday, August 22
9:00-9:45   Warren County Ramblers  
9:45-10:30   White Mountain Bluegrass  
10:30-11:15   Seth Sawyer Band  
11:15-12:00   Cabin Fever Band  
12:00- 12:45   Smokey Greene  
12:45-1:30   Tim Graves & Cherokee  
1:30-2:15   Vern Young  
2:15-3:00   Southern Rail  
3:00-3:45   Bear Tracks  
3:45-4:30   White Mountain Bluegrass  
4:30-5:15   Smokey Greene    
 5:15-6:00   Seth Sawyer Band    
6:00-6:45   Southern Rail    
6:45-7:30   Vern Young    
7:30-8:15   John Hudson & Friends    
8:15-8:30   Raffle Drawings    
8:30-9:15   Cabin Fever Band    
9:15-10:00   Bear Tracks    
10:00-10:45   Tim Graves & Cherokee

Sunday, August 23
8:30-9:30   Gospel Sing  
9:45-10:30   Southern Rail  
10:30-11:15   John Hudson & Friends  
11:15-12:00   White Mountain Bluegrass  
12:00-12:45   Cabin Fever Band  
12:45-1:30   Smokey Greene  
1:30-2:15   Southern Rail  
2:15-3:00 Warren County Ramblers
3:00-3:45   White Mountain Bluegrass
3:45-4:30 Cabin Fever
4:30-5:15   Smokey Greene