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Knock on Wood: An Adirondack Skiing Attraction, Hickory Ski Center Returns for Good

Warrensburg NY: Hickory Ski Center is coming out of a long doze and being rebuilt, redesigned, and revitalized into a working Adirondack skiing attraction.

Local excitement is at a high pitch over the project, which has created a few jobs already and is expected to generate many more in addition to increased revenue traffic in the area.

"Instead of people driving through Warrensburg to go to Gore Mountain or [other mountains], they'll stop at Hickory. They'll buy gas, groceries, maybe stay overnight and spend money in our restaurants," said Austin Markey, a member of the Warrensburg Town Council. The project has pledged that it will buy and hire locally in the Warrensburg area.

The rebuilding effort is being headed and funded by Bill Van Pelt IV, a Texas businessman with realty all over the country. The plans for his project include a new deck, improved concessions, a new ceiling in the lodge, and a lounge area. The site will also receive a technology boost with its free Wi-Fi and automated systems, including a ticket system accessible from home computers (to help frequenters avoid ticket lines) and a scanner that keeps track of how many runs and vertical feet have been skied.

Van Pelt was unable to give a committed response to inquires over whether Hickory Ski Center was going to install snowmakers and a chairlift, though he did give assurance that both possibilities were being seriously considered.

For all Hickory's new improvements and advancements, however, there is still a hint of its old-school style, especially with its trademark circular fireplace being kept intact.