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The Best Places To Fish For Splake In The Adirondack Mountains

Splake can be found in many different areas of the Adirondack Mountains. Try some of these places for the best Splake fishing around! 

St. Regis Canoe Area
Franklin County, NY
The St. Regis Canoe Area is New York State's only designated canoe area where no motorized watercrafts are allowed, is great for a... [+More]
Meacham Lake
Franklin County, NY
Meacham Lake is a an ideal site for fishing and camping experiences. The water holds many species of fish and wildlife and for vis... [+More]
Long Pond
Lewis County, NY
Long Pond is a deep, dark water lake that is great for anglers trying to catch splake, salmon, and brook trout.... [+More]
Limekiln Lake
The waters of Limekiln Lake has a large population of the splake species.... [+More]