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Best Places To Fish For Tiger Muskie In The Adirondacks

Tiger Muskie are a carnivorous fish that can be challenging to catch. 

Find information on Tiger Muskie season, including minimum length, daily keep and more. 

woman holding up fish caught at lincoln pond
Essex County, NY
Lincoln Pond holds a great population of bass and muskie in its waters.... [+More]
Hamilton County, NY
Lake Durant is a small lake located in Hamilton county of the Adirondacks.... [+More]
Lewis County, NY
Beaver River Impoundments is a series of dams on the Beaver River that created reservoirs and a lake. The waterway offers a great ... [+More]
St. Lawrence County, NY
The Raquette River Impoundments is eight reservoirs on the Raquette River created by hydroelectric dams.... [+More]
Tupper Lake is a great body of water for anglers in the Adirondacks looking for various species of fish to catch.... [+More]