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Beaver River Impoundments

Lewis County, NY


Beaver River Impoundments is a series of dams on the Beaver River that created reservoirs and a lake. The waterway offers a great scenic and peaceful scene for anglers.

 The series of hydro-electric dams that are along the Beaver River created the Beaver River Impoundments. The waterway consists of nine reservoirs and one lake. The series of bodies of water run from the Stillwater Reservoir to High Falls Pond

Anglers can find smallmouth bass and tiger muskie along the reservoirs and lake. The Soft Maple Reservoir is a great spot for muskies since the DEC has stocked it since 1993. Bronzebacks can be caught along the rocky shorelines and tiger muskies will be found along the weed lines. 

Anglers can access the waterway with canoes and take the Beaver River Canoe Route. Canoeists can travel by starting at one of the many hand launches. 

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