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Scott Stevens

Scott Stevens grew up in Lake Luzerne, and spent much of his childhood in the outdoors, hiking, camping and fishing. After spending four years at SUNY Oswego in Central New York, he couldn't wait to get back to the Adirondack Mountains! Currently living in Hudson Falls, a day in the woods is only a short drive away, and is always enticing at the end of the work week.

Scott began his quest to climb all 46 of the Adirondack high-peaks last summer, and will continue climbing this summer, and future summers, until he reaches this goal. He also truly enjoys trout fishing, and with the countless rivers, streams and ponds in the Adirondacks, who doesn't?

Read his blog as he explores the Adirondack Mountains on day hikes, over-night outings, and fishing trips this summer. He vows to keep you in the loop as he updates his gear, plans his trips, and hits the woods! Please, feel free to comment and share posts - as he does have some experience, there is always more to learn!

February 2012 Archives

I went up to Brant Lake again over the weekend to do some more ice fishing, and to try to catch another Brown Trout like the week before. That didn't happen, although I did have a good time.

This time I went with my father and a couple of his friends, one of whom owns a small camp in the nearby town of Graphite. This marks the second year that we've all stayed at 'ice-fishing camp' for Presidents Day weekend. I hope to make it three next year.

tipup1.jpgI went back up to Brant Lake over the weekend to try my luck on the ice again. Like last time, the trip started with a stop at The Crossroads Country Store, for a breakfast sandwich and two dozen icicles for bait. This time we picked up a container of grubs too, I had gotten a tip to use them when jigging, and figured I would try it.

We got to the lake at about 8am, and were on the ice all set up by 8:30. My father worked on his auger a bit, cleaned the carburetor, and had it running. In fact, he had ten holes cut for me and my friend before we even got there.