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What's New In the Adirondacks

About two decades ago my dad passed away, having been trampled on by Alzheimer's disease.  

A couple years before my father's passing I rolled into my home town of Keeseville.  I was sporting a fancy Ford Mustang convertible.  It was one of those sparkly teal blue cars that turned heads with adoring and envious looks.

Photo Credit: digicla via photopin cc 

It was mid-summer in the Adirondacks.  Warm, green, lush, mosquitoes and flies, all mixed with the smell of barbeque and celebration in the air.  

Mom had been an early graduate of Keeseville High School decades and decades before; I believe in the first or second class to graduate.  

The night after my drive through town the school, that had long since closed due to declining condition, was celebrating a combined reunion of all the classes that had ever attended.  My brother, eldest among the seven children, was there to attend with mom.  She enjoyed the event while being recognized as one of the oldest to show up.  And, so to speak, she would arrive on the arm of my brother.

During the day my sisters cared for her and fussed about her appearance.  She, with an attempt at humility, would chide them to "stop fussing, it's just another reunion."  It was far more than that and rightly so.

When you look at a concrete wall what do you see? A barricade? A forgotten project? A forlorn surface? Do you even actually notice the wall at all? Artist Kate Hartley did, but she didn't see it as a hopeless slab of material bringing a depressing vibe to everything around it - she saw it as the perfect canvas for a very unique, very large-scale art project.

The new documentary On Home Ground explores the lives of three Iraq and Afghanistan veterans returning home to their remote Adirondack towns, premiering on Mountain Lake PBS November 11.

The freshly scattered leaves pave beckoning paths for fall reading in the Adirondacks. Here are 7 recent Adirondack-themed books from local authors you must read this fall.

It's undeniable that being a "ski bum," or someone who cares more about hitting that fresh powder than working from 9-5, is ideal for students or recent grads, but what happens when work becomes inevitable? The answer: move to a "livable" ski town; somewhere that offers the perfect combination of work and play. Liftopia recently compiled a list of the top three livable ski towns in the East, as voted on by ski bums themselves, and it's not hard to see why Lake Placid was included among the elite!


There's no doubt that the Adirondacks are home to gorgeous, vibrant fall foliage.
Travel + Leisure recently complied a list of 'America's Best Towns for Fall Colors' for September 2014, and the silver medal was given to Lake Placid, NY. 
People across the globe suffer from mental illnesses that many of us will never encounter or understand. These diseases are not visible, haunting and tormenting individuals on a very personal level, forcing them to battle it silently. More often that not, those suffering from depression are not given the help they need before it is too late. People are not only talking about this on a national level, now they are acting on a very LOCAL level. Two Clarkson University Alums are taking on a challenge to get us talking...a challenge you would have to see to believe. 
The Wild Center's recent addition of an electric car charging station is a first step towards making the Tri-Lakes area electric car friendly. The Center's charging station is the first in the area and will provide a battery charge for those visiting the heart of the Adirondacks.

Buzzfeed's 22 Overwhelmingly Beautiful Photos of The Adirondacks got us thinking - we have tons of great Adirondack pictures on Adirondack.net submitted by the dedicated Adirondack adventurers. Here is our version - the 20 best photos of the Adirondacks submitted by Adirondack Facebook fans just like you!

Keeping children entertained during summer break is no easy feat, but Lake Placid's many fabulous lodging options take the sweat out of traveling with the kids and add in some fun!