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What's New In the Adirondacks

An old restaurant has a new name and a new owner, a new restaurant is opening this spring, and a distillery will be in business starting next year - here's what's happening on the restaurant scene in the Adirondacks.

For Broadalbin, NY residents, the long wait is finally over - construction of a new town park is underway! However, you'll find more than just picnic tables and benches at this park. Once complete, this large-scale park project is expected to include everything from recreational fields to a public pavilion.

The City of Plattsburgh is a popular access point for Adirondack visitors because of its train station and airport. Although it's located right outside the Blue Line, Plattsburgh could become even more connected to the Adirondacks, thanks to a proposed 27-mile recreational trail linking the city to Saranac.

Photo: Friends of Saranac River Trail
Although winter is officially over, maple sugaring season is still underway in the Adirondacks! If you take a trip to the region this weekend, you'll find everything from fun maple-themed events to early springtime activities. Check out these 9 things to do and get ready to enjoy the weekend in the Adirondacks.

Adirondack architect William L. Coulter is renowned for designing Great Camps in the Saranac Lake area. One of his creations, Great Camp Eagle Island, stands out among the rest for being a girls' summer camp for over five decades. Although the historic camp was forced to close in 2008, a nonprofit group has purchased Eagle Island and plans to revitalize it by 2018.

Photo Credit: Friends of Eagle Island, Inc.
For many years, the American elm was common throughout the northern U.S., including the Adirondacks, and southern Canada. Unfortunately, the tree population diminished in the 1970s from the destructive Dutch-elm disease, and since then, it has not recovered. However, one tree found in the Adirondack Park may be key in restoring the American elm population.

Photo: The Nature Conservancy in Connecticut
On Friday, March 17th, everyone is Irish! Aside from maple sugaring season, St. Patrick's Day is one of the most exciting March events in the entire Adirondack Park. In addition to tons of Irish-themed entertainment throughout the weekend, you'll find many ways to enjoy the recent winter weather in the Adirondacks too: March 17-19.

saranac-paddys-parade.jpgPhoto Credit: ROOST/saranaclake.com
It's migration season for mole salamanders and wood frogs in the Adirondacks and the Northeast at large! Migration starts first in the southern part of the region, but as the weather warms up here in the Adirondacks amphibians begin to migrate.

Unfortunately, many of these little creatures don't make it to their destination - here's why and how you can help out.

Spotted salamander, photo credit: Laura Heady 
Have you attended Mom Prom or StreetFest in the past? Ticonderoga hosts these two events each year, and you won't want to miss out on all the festivities! Mom Prom is just around the corner, and it's not too early to start looking ahead to this summer's StreetFest.

Spring fever is beginning to spread throughout the Adirondacks, but as many of us know, warm weather means ticks will become more active. It may be tough to resist rushing outside to enjoy spring, but it's important to prepare for the growing dangers of tick season.