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What's New In the Adirondacks

Common Man Books Outdoor Guides

We all want to explore the great outdoors, but for beginners it's hard to find a place to start and for experienced outdoor enthusiasts it's easy to do the same thing over and over.
Common Man Books has multiple trail guides for areas all over the Adirondacks and even as far as Florida, making it easy to explore this summer.

They use the name "Common Man," because the average man or woman can actually complete all trails listed within the guide. Each book contains information about what you can expect to see and experience and even contains a log for the reader to record details on their trip.

The guides also contain directions, approximate time the adventure will take, and more than 60 color photographs. Some of their most popular guides include Flatwater Kayak & Canoe Trips in the Lake George, NY Region, Wildflowers of the Lake George, NY Region, and 25 Interesting Bicycle Trails in Central Florida and many others for the Lake George/Saratoga Region, the Thousand Islands Region and multiple Florida Guides.

As a "Common Man" these guides have proven to be extremely useful! Now that summer is  officially underway I know myself, along with countless others, will be looking for some fun in the outdoors. Whether it's on a bike, in a  kayak or canoe, or just looking for a quick day hike, the Common Man Books are your best bet. Using these guides we can all discover new and exciting places!

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