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What's New In the Adirondacks

August 2011 Archives

We have had a lot of questions come in on our Adirondacks Facebook page that were wondering  about where there were road closures in the Adirondacks. We found this great link that is updated regularly with this information so we wanted to share it with everyone:

If anyone hears of any other road closures, please let us know.
rain.jpgThe rains of Irene have left the Eastern Adirondack park scarred and damaged, along with the plans of many Labor Day vacationers. The Department of Environmental Conservation has announced that the Eastern High Peaks Wilderness, the Dix Mountain Wilderness and the Giant Mountain Wilderness areas will all be closed for the holiday weekend. 

Plans to develop a ski resort in Tupper Lake promise to bring jobs to the area and improvements to the ski experience.

The plans are centered around Mount Morris and 859 of the 6, 261 acres which surround it. Thus, 85% of the land, in addition to state-protected areas, will remain untouched open space.

Once completed, the new building will be known as the Adirondack Club and Resort, or ACR.

According to Preserve Associates, the developing company, Mount Morris is unique because it is the only operational ski hill held privately in the Adirondacks.

The project is predicted to create nearly 600 permanent jobs in both the ski area and resort operations.

So far developments are in planning stages, but the company is hoping to begin construction soon.

For more information, contact the Adirondack Council at 800-842-7275.

What do you think of having a ski resort in the Adirondacks? Tell us your thoughts!
irene-space.jpgWhile Hurricane Irene did not bring the 70-80 mph winds that we were all prepared for, she did bring winds strong enough to uproot trees and bring down power lines. And the rain, oh the rain. It's surprising to me that we actually received the rain and wind that we did, being so far from the coast here in upstate New York. Irene brought very heavy rain for most of the day Sunday, causing roads to wash out and trees to fall as she crept up the east coast an into New England.
As the summer draws to a close and back-to-school shopping is top priority, many parents are crossing their fingers that this year won't bring the kind of drama and struggles their child had to cope with last school year.

And then other parents are resting easy because they have found a school where their child excels and is accepted, accomplishing things they never thought possible.

Sound like the kind of school you would want your child to attend? Read on.
When you think of politicians going on holidays, you picture them flying far away, to somewhere sunny and lined with beaches.

But the governor of New York finds that his own state has all the beauty, peace and quiet that he needs.
Did you see this month's issue of National Geographic? A tip from one of our Adirondacks Facebook fans informed us that the Adirondack Park was featured in National Geographic Magazine this month, so we took a look online and found the feature... and I have to say, it was quite compelling.

The page welcomes you with a stunning fall snapshot of an Adirondack mountain-scape from a mountain summit, overlooking a glass lake with a reflection of the cerulean blue sky above. Then it starts in with a paragraph that puts perfectly into words the essence of what the Adirondacks are:
The Adirondack Museum recently gave the Harold K. Hochschild Award to much-deserving Jerry Jenkins, a man who has devoted much of his life to the Adirondacks.

If you're traveling in the northern Adirondacks in the near future, you might witness a strange sight - a floating bridge!

15-year-old Mary-Kate Poulin is making a big splash in the area as she swims across Great Sacandaga Lake  on August 7, 2011, to raise autism awareness.

When you think of Lake George you think of the clear waters, summer fun and the excitement & nightlife of The Village, but often we forget that Lake George is a vacation destination with a rich historic past.

A new company called Explore History Tours can show you some of the area's dynamic past and not just walk you through it but allow you to truly experience it.

The Adirondack Museum in Blue Mountain Lake is expecting its four-millionth visitor this season - and the lucky entrant will receive quite a prize.