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What's New In the Adirondacks

Forbes Names Lake Placid Among Five Summer Lake Getaways

Wondering where to get away near a lake this summer? Look no further than the Adirondacks! Forbes Travel Guide recently named Lake Placid among their top choices of Five Summer Lake Getaways To Book Now.
forbes-lakeside.jpgWith an intro to their list, Forbes Contributor Sarah White writes, "Saltwater, surfing and ocean breezes are nice, but this spring, we're dreaming of summers spent by the lakeshore."

Of course to those of us who live and vacation in the Adirondacks, it is a no-brainer that lakeside getaways are every bit as fulfilling (if not more) than a vacation by the coast. But what made Forbes Travel choose Lake Placid?

While White gave a nod to Lake Placid's Olympic clout, it was ultimately the region's abundance of recreational activities that seemed to win her over. After all, when you're looking for a getaway destination, one of the top things to consider is what you are going to do when you get there. Vacationers who are lucky enough to choose Lake Placid find no shortage of great outdoor adventures.

From the article:
"The region's thousands of lakes and miles of rivers make for excellent kayaking and canoeing--even white-water rafting in the nearby Hudson River Gorge--and the surrounding peaks offer hikers a range of challenging trails with scenic overlooks. Lake Placid and the adjacent Mirror Lake are also famous for their fishing (rainbow and lake trout)..."

Forbes suggested Lake Placid Lodge as a great place to stay for its "classic log-cabin luxury accommodations."

All five lake destinations that were named among Forbes' list of Five Summer Lake Getaways To Book Now include:

  • Lake Placid, NY
  • Lake Oconee, Ga.
  • Finger Lakes, N.Y.
  • Lake Tahoe, Nev.
  • Lake Geneva, Wisc.

Kudos to Forbes Travel for recognizing greatness when they see it. This is not the first time they have highlighted Lake Placid as one of the best places to visit, and I'm sure it won't be the last. Another travel expert also named Lake Placid one of the best places to vacation with kids back in 2010.

There is no question Lake Placid is a first rate destinatio
n, worthy of every bit of recognition it receives. But don't take our word for it. Heck, don't take Forbes' word for it... come see for yourself!

Are you ready to plan your summer getaway to Lake Placid? Start here >>

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