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What's New In the Adirondacks

Adirondacks Named Perfect For Exploring By Boat By Luxury Travel Magazine

Adirondack Park has always been one of the biggest attractions for visitors to see and appreciate. It provides some of the most beautiful mountains, waterways and views that people all over the world will visit to see, no matter what season it is. 

Luxury Travel has named the Adirondacks "perfect for exploring by boat." 
The article describes the Adirondacks as a great place for anyone to explore the miles of uncrowded waterways. It says that the Adirondacks are an amazing place for fishing, swimming, tubing, or enjoying every water sport. 

Lake George, Lake Champlain, and Piseco Lake are all rated as the best three places for sailing. The article also mentions Saranac Lake Island, Raquette Lake, and St. Lawrence River have the best three waterways in the Adirondacks. 

With over 2,000 lakes and ponds, it is no surprise that the Adirondacks are called perfect by visitors that travel the waterways. 

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