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What's New In the Adirondacks

It's the First Free Fishing Weekend of 2017 in New York State: February 18 & 19

Grab your pole, your gear, and some friends this weekend and head out to your favorite fishing spot - it's New York State's first free fishing weekend of 2017! On February 18 & 19, all New York State residents and non-residents can fish without a fishing license.

A fishing trip with friends and family is a great way to start off Presidents' Day weekend. Not only that, but it's the perfect time to try fishing if you've never gone before.

However, be aware that all other fishing regulations will remain in effect during this weekend. That includes which species of fish you are allowed to catch, the minimum length each fish must be, and not fishing beyond the daily limit.

In addition, since it is ice fishing season, you'll want to be extra prepared before you head out. Learn the basics of ice fishing, which gear is required, and how to stay safe on a frozen body of water.

This winter has been unpredictable, and temperatures have ranged from around 0 degress Fahrenheit to above freezing and sunny. As a result, while some bodies of water are likely frozen, others are only partially frozen. Make sure you know if the ice is safe before you go ice fishing on it.

Other than abiding by the fishing regulations and staying safe on the ice, remember to have fun this weekend. Around this time of year, fishermen typically seek Northern Pike, Lake Trout, Landlocked Salmon, and Jack Perch in the Adirondacks. If you need assistance, go with an experienced friend or hire a professional guide.

If ice fishing isn't for you, don't worry! New York State will offer even more free fishing days later this year:
  • June 24 & 25
  • September 23
  • November 11
Ready to start planning your weekend fishing trip? Here are some essential resources:

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