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What's New In the Adirondacks

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The Ticonderoga Area Chamber of Commerce (TACC) will be hosting its 13th Annual Fundraiser on Friday, June 5th aboard the Mohican's wonderful atmosphere. In addition to fundraising, the TACC will be celebrating 90 years of service to the Ticonderoga area. The celebration will include a silent auction, live auction, music and dancing all while cruising around beautiful Lake George. This is not an event you'll want to miss! 

The Ticonderoga Montcalm Street Partnership (TMSP) is planning a variety of great events and projects. What's in store for the rest of 2015? Read on to find out! 

It's been years since the mythical Sasquatch was reportedly sighted in Whitehall, but the financial benefits of Bigfoot are still being felt today. That's right, people are actually flocking towards a beast you'd be best off running away from, but it's setting local businesses up for a prosperous future.

Photo Credit: Bigfoot store via photopin (license)
Becoming a "46er" gives someone special status in the Adirondacks - that designation means you've successfully summited all 46 High Peaks. A local filmmaker is creating a documentary focusing on the people who have completed this challenge and those who aspire to do so.

Photo Credit: Mike Tracy
Fort Ticonderoga has purchased a Vermont-based Lake Champlain cruise boat. You know what this means... more fun boat tours in the near future!

photo credit: fortweastside via photopin (license)
What could be more inspiring for an artist than the Adirondack Region?! If the lakes, rivers, ponds, mountains, trees, and wildlife speak to you, you should apply to be an artist-in-residence at ESF's Newcomb Campus this summer. 

Photo Credit: Gerry Lemmo
Registration for the popular ididaride! Adirondack Bike Tour opened today. Last year, 495 riders from 21 states and two Canadian provinces rose to the challenge and cycled through the beautiful Adirondacks. Will you be among this year's group?

Photo Credit: Hop8 via photopin (license)
streetfest.jpgDo you enjoy live music, street vendors, food options, arts and crafts, sidewalk sales, and activities to keep the youngest members of your family entertained? What about caricatures, business specials, and the Ticonderoga Area Farmers Market? If so, save the date for the 7th Annual StreetFest in Ticonderoga - Saturday, July 25, 2015!
With the recent upswing in popularity of craft beers, one local brewery owner has plans to make the most of the sudden explosion of beer lovers.

firetower.jpgThe peaks of more than 2 dozen Adirondack mountains are currently adorned with historic fire towers, which serve as reminders of the early 20th century. Some of these relics are accessible to the public, but others are on private land or are too dangerous to climb. There were originally 57 towers throughout the Adirondack Park that were manned by individuals charged with using the 360-degree unobstructed view from the top of the tower to spot and report any forest fires that may have broken out. Over time, though, aircraft became the most popular way of locating fires and it grew too costly to man the towers. Many of them fell into disrepair and were torn down as a result.

Two more of those towers may be opened to the public soon, though, as groups are currently working on making upgrades to the St. Regis Mountain and Hurricane Mountain fire towers.