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What's New In the Adirondacks

Fun stuff: August 2011 Archives

rain.jpgThe rains of Irene have left the Eastern Adirondack park scarred and damaged, along with the plans of many Labor Day vacationers. The Department of Environmental Conservation has announced that the Eastern High Peaks Wilderness, the Dix Mountain Wilderness and the Giant Mountain Wilderness areas will all be closed for the holiday weekend. 

Did you see this month's issue of National Geographic? A tip from one of our Adirondacks Facebook fans informed us that the Adirondack Park was featured in National Geographic Magazine this month, so we took a look online and found the feature... and I have to say, it was quite compelling.

The page welcomes you with a stunning fall snapshot of an Adirondack mountain-scape from a mountain summit, overlooking a glass lake with a reflection of the cerulean blue sky above. Then it starts in with a paragraph that puts perfectly into words the essence of what the Adirondacks are:
The Adirondack Museum in Blue Mountain Lake is expecting its four-millionth visitor this season - and the lucky entrant will receive quite a prize.