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It's a fact that tends to get overlooked, but hiking is a dangerous activity. In order to ensure their safety, hikers must be physically strong with great stamina and must also be equipped with adequate food, water, compasses, maps, gear, and proper clothing based on the current and projected weather conditions. Unfortunately, hikers sometimes overestimate their abilities and their preparedness and find themselves lost in the wilderness, thereby requiring the assistance of others. 

New York State has a long history of lost and injured hikers that have been rescued from small treks to the High Peaks. This month alone, there have been nine rescue missions carried out by DEC Forest Rangers in the Adirondacks ranging in severity from a lost snowshoer who was safely returned to his vehicle an hour after he was reported missing to a mother and her two sons who were lost overnight on Mount Marcy. The frequency of these rescues leads us to the following question: When hikes go wrong, who is responsible?

32 years. That's how long it's been since the NCAA ski championships were held in Lake Placid. Back then, there wasn't even a championship for women's skiing! The lengthy gap may seem hard to believe, since Lake Placid is such a storied winter sport destination, but the decades-long drought is finally coming to an end next week.
It's undeniable that the most popular (and difficult) Adirondack hiking challenge is the Adirondack Forty-Sixer, which you must scale all 46 of the Adirondack High Peaks to complete. If you've ever wanted to conquer the challenge, but have been deterred by the daunting task that the 46ers present, fear not! A new hiking challenge has come on the scene in the Adirondacks that offers less work, but just as much reward as the 46ers. That's right, folks, 29 is the new 46!

Photo Credit: Carl Heilman II, www.carlheilman.com

If you're like me, the idea of a hike sounds amazing; the beautiful outdoors, fresh air, and a new adventure is the perfect way to exercise and get the most out of a summer day. However, if you're also like me, you may not know the first thing about hiking.

mark scirocco.jpg                                            photo credit: Mark Scirocco

For my first date with my boyfriend he wanted to take me on a hike up Prospect Mountain. I'm more of a wine and dine kind of girl, but this sounded like an exciting alternative to a first date. I wore jeans with no belt, Tom's slip on shoes, and a flannel (looking cute is important, right?) and I was mortified about 30 minutes into our trip.

As I laughed to cover up my shortness of breath, heaved my pants up every two seconds, and found reasons to fall behind (like taking in the view) I realized I was not prepared at all for this journey. I "made up" lunch plans I had with my aunt and ditched out on our date early; as I climbed down the mountain, I prayed that he believed me.
The Winter Olympics are beginning in Sochi, Russia. No doubt exciting, but we can't help but argue that Lake Placid in the Adirondacks was a much better host to the winter games... for all kinds of reasons, starting with the list below. 

1. Lake Placid hotels offer modern amenities... like water.
Sochi hotel nightmares are popping up all over Twitter as visitors are greeted with unfinished hotels and rooms without running water, doorknobs, lightbulbs, heat, electricity, shower curtains, locks and other similar luxuries. Taking a look at Lake Placid hotels, on the other hand, from indoor swimming pools, spas and hot tubs to heated outdoor pools, Lake Placid is a luxurious destination!

sochi water
2. If it's brown, you can flush it down... including your toilet paper.
Signs in Sochi require visitors to throw their used toilet paper into a wastebasket instead of flushing it down. That has to smell good.

sochi don't flush toilet paper sign
Intense Milk is launching their Winter of Fun ski resorts discounts, and all you have to do is save your Intense Milk cap.
This Labor Day, instead of kicking back by the pool, kick butt on the course! We're talking 80 kilometers in a figure-8 design featuring $8,000 in prizes in 8 categories. Intrigued? We thought so!

Lake Placid will hold the first-ever ADK 80K endurance race on the Mount Van Hoevenberg trail August 31 & September 1, 2013.


The Adirondack Sports & Fitness Expo is this weekend at the Saratoga City Center, and looks like this year's event is going to be a blast! If you are itching to get outdoors and into shape, you should definitely check this out.

Over 100 exhibitors will be at the event, showing off all of the latest products they have to offer for your outdoor adventures this year. The event will also feature demonstrations, prizes, and some great gear sales!
The 2011 hunting season tied the 2009 season for being the safest hunting season ever recorded in the State of New York. The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) records the number of hunting-related shooting accidents, and compares them on a year-to-year basis.

In the 2011 hunting seasons, 26 people were reported injured after hunting-related shooting accidents, four of which resulted in fatalities. The four fatalities occurred during regular deer season, one being self-inflicted.

How does this stack up to past years? Read on..
sled-dog-races.jpgFor those of us who really look forward to the sled dog races in Inlet each year, I have sad news. The races (which usually take place the 3rd week of February) are canceled for 2012.

Inlet's dog sled races are exciting and beautiful, and to lessen the blow of this year's loss, I am sharing some of the most beautiful pictures of the races that I have seen so you can relive the beauty and feel as if you are actually there.