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Guide to Adirondack Camping

Whether you prefer "glamping" or primitive camping, the Adirondack Park is the perfect place to pitch your tent. Before you head out on your camping trip, make sure you're adequately prepared for the conditions in your chosen environment.

New York State maintains lots of campgrounds throughout the Adirondack Park. Be sure to research available amenities and attractions at each site before choosing one!
trailer campsite
Want to stay at an Adirondack campground but don't know where to start looking? Whether you'd like to pitch a tent or park a RV, one of these local campgrounds is perfect.
hammock at a primitive camping site
Camping at a primitive site can be a completely different adventure than the one you'll have at State campgrounds. We've put together a list of some of our favorite spots!
lean to in the adirondacks
You'll find various lean-to sites scattered throughout the Adirondack Park. Let us help you find some of them and give you tips for once you get there!
person winter camping
Camping in winter can be fun, but it requires extra preparation! Make sure you have the right supplies before you head out this winter and take extra precautions.
black fly on someone's skin
"Black Fly Season" happens in May and June in the ADKs. The flies like to lay their eggs in clean, fast-running water, like the streams and rivers that run through the wooded areas where you'll be camping.
No matter how much you check the weather before heading out, it's always possible that a storm could pop up. Even if you're stuck outside, there are certain things you can do to keep yourself safe.