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Sleeping Beauty

Fort Ann, NY 12827


Located on the eastern shore of Lake George, Sleeping Beauty is a moderately easy hike with just a few rough spots along the way.

Sleeping Beauty Mountain in the Adirondacks – Enjoy amazing views of Lake George and the surrounding Adirondack Mountains from the 1,300 foot summit. There are multiple paths and loops you can take.

If the drive from the Hog Town parking area to Dacy Clearing is closed, the hike begins with a 1.8 mile walk to the trailhead.

  • One hike is a 7.8 mile loop and takes approximately 3.5 hours. The 7.8 mile loop involves following the yellow trail markers from Dacy Clearing to where the trail splits. Blue markers lead to the Sleeping Beauty Summit and Bumps Pond, and red markers lead to Fishbrook Pond via Bumps Pond.
  • For the complete 7.8 mile hike, follow the blue markers to the summit, continue on to Bumps Pond, and then take the path from Bumps Pond to Fishbrook Pond Trail by following the red markers back down.
  • For the shorter hike, roughly 1.8 miles long, start out at Dacy Clearing, follow the yellow markers to the intersection, and then follow the blue markers to the summit.

Directions from I-87:

  • I-87 to exit 20
  • Turn left onto Route 9
  • Turn right onto Route 149 (east)
  • After 6 miles, turn left onto Buttermilk Falls Road (becomes Sly Pond Rd.)
  • After 5.7 miles, you arrive at Hog Town Trail Head (road)
  • There is a road from the Hog Town parking area to Dacy Clearing that is open certain times of the year, typically in the summer

Sleeping Beauty Hike is part of the Lake George 12ster Challenge, learn more about the 12ster here

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