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Facebook Fans' 42 Favorite Hikes

We asked our Facebook Fans what their favorite hiking spot was and why in the breathtaking Adirondacks... here are their responses! Thank you to everyone who commented!

mountain summit viewCat Mountain, photo credit: Kevin Hanselman

1. Mt. Severance

"Brings me back to my childhood." - Darlene Geysen

2. Jay Mountain

3. Secret Falls in Wells

"...cause it's hidden & so few people know of its location." - Carol Meyer Wright

4. Cat Mountain, Lake George NY

5. Vanderwacker

6. Eagle Point

"Short hike, beautiful views and lots of time spent with many generations of my family." - Amy Schmidt

7. Black Bear Mountain

8. Mt. Colden

9. Algonquin

"Summer hikes up Algonquin. Check out the old plane crash while there." - Rebekah Amdersen-Seymour

10. Marcy Dam

11. Trenton Falls

12. Buttermilk Falls

13. Rocky Point

14. Blue Mountain

"Every step is beautiful and it's not hard. Love the view of the lake!" - Shannon Daugherty Cunningham

15. Mt. Joe

"Short one after work and the view rocks." - Steve Davis

16. Ampersand

"I definitely conquered my fear of heights going up that one! What a wonderful sight to look out from." - Kristen Roberts

17. Haystack

18. Owl's Head Mountain, near Long Lake

"I will never forget the thrill of reaching the top and then climbing further up the stairs of the fire tower. It seemed as though I was on top of the world!" - Nancy Bergren Livaich

19. Copperas Pond, Lake Placid

20. Rocky Mountain

"My husband and I used to climb it when we were dating and he proposed to me on 4th Lake!" - Jennifer Amuso

21. Cranberry Lake

"You can hike it and never see anyone but your hiking partner!" - Justin Yousey

22. Giant Mountain

"Its gorgeous, and I am free from all my worries there." - Veronica Mcleod

23. Mt. Marcy

24. Sleeping Beauty

"There are so many beautiful hikes with so many different things to offer. But, favorite, I suppose is Sleeping Beauty, because I can go on a whim." - Kris Nusskern

25. Whiteface Mountain

26. Chimney Mountain

27. Snow Mountain

28. Crane Mountain

29. Mt. Marshall

30. Indian Head

31. Bald Mountain, Fourth Lake

"It was a family tradition every year in the fall to see all the fall foliage!" - Beverly Ordarcho

32. Charlie Johns

33. Castle Rock

"Spectacular view of Blue Mountain Lake. Plus some fun caves along the way." - Cheryl Yakey-Fogle

34. Upper Pine Mountain

35. Blue Ledges

36. Cat Mountain

"Been doing it for 40 years and have lots of great memories there." - Jeff Englert

37. Owls Head Mountain

38. St. Regis Mountain

39. Goodnow Mountain

"Beautiful views of the high peaks with little effort." - Dean Beaver

40. West Mountain

41. Mt. Baker

42. Kane Mountain

"Great hike. Awesome views." - Michael Snyder

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