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Create Roses From Maple Leaves

Roses Made From Maple LeavesWhile you are out hiking in the Adirondacks, collect a few maple leaves along your way. We have a great craft idea!

Did you know you can turn maple leaves into beautiful roses? It's much easier than you'd think!

Ladies, these bouquets are perfect for fall decorating around the house.

Guys, these bouquets are perfect for surprising that special woman in your life!

Now let's get started...

Step 1 - Fold the maple leaf in half horizontally (tip touches stem)

Step 2 - Roll the leaf tightly from end to end to establish the very center of the rose

Step 3 - Fold another leaf in half and wrap it fairly tightly around the first

Step 4 - Fold another leaf in half and wrap a little more loosley than the previous one

Step 5 - Fold another leaf and wrap even more loosely

Step 6 - Continue wrapping leaves until rose fullness is reached

Step 7 - Secure the rose base with string to hold it together

Step 8 - Combine roses and surround with leaves, berries and ferns for a beautiful bouquet

Rose CenterLayer LeavesWrap Leaf AroundFinished Rose

A few tips...

  • Freshly fallen leaves work best, not crisp or crumbling leaves
  • Use smaller leaves to start, getting larger as you follow each step
  • Leave the stems on each leaf for a more secure base
  • Try to find leaves of similar colors to create each rose
  • If you don't have string on hand, try a flexible vine stem to secure the roses
  • Wrap leaves around a tall stick to create a faux stem

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