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Find These Adirondack Attractions on Facebook

Adirondack attractions! Before you hop in the car, use this map to plan your Adirondack adventure. The map shows which attractions are near to each other and can be visited in the same day. Create an itinerary that fits all you want to do into your schedule. This will ensure that you won't miss something worthwhile!

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Whether you want to visit an amusement or water park, historic location, museum, or even a ranch the Adirondacks have it all. This map also offers links to each attraction's website and Facebook page. Just click the location on the map and get the details!

Find these attractions on Facebook before you travel! You can find out if they are offering any special discounts, hosting special events, or see fan suggestions on when to visit or things that cannot be missed! The pages also offer photos, information, are a great way to get your questions answered directly, and did we mention discounts!?

It's super simple to find out all you need to know. While you're at it, check out the Adirondacks on Facebook. The page offers information on events, cool links, fan recommendations, and everything Adirondack!

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