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Michael Jackson Tribute

When Michael Jackson passed on June 25, 2009, he was mourned by a colossal worldwide fanbase. The King of Pop died of cardiac arrest at the age of 50, concluding 37 years of successful music recording and unprecedented (and unmatched) critical acclaim, worldwide popularity, and award-winning songs.

The late Jackson began as a member of his family's group The Jackson Five, and after his quick jump into popularity became a solo artist, breaking world records with the sales of his most well-known album "Thriller". In 2005 the artist suffered a blow to his popularity when allegations of child molestation lead to a trial. But his fame did not disappear as the procedure went through and lead to a subsequent acquittal.

The incredible popularity of Jackson was proven again after his death, when several popular internet sites had a surging influx of activity, some even crashing from the sheer volume of users reporting on and writing opinions of the late performer and his death. With Guinness World Records, inductions to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, World and American Music Awards, and many other distinctions, Michael Jackson rests in peace as his legend promises to live on.