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Create Your Own Quilt of Memories as a Valentine's Day Gift

We know what you're thinking: creating a quilt from scratch is a long and tedious task. But you want to do something creative and different for your Valentine this year. No worries! We can help you cheat a little to pull together a unique and memorable gift.

blue flowers on a quilt

Step 1 - Buy a Quilt

Told you we were going to cheat a little! To make the process easy, the first thing you should do is go out and buy a quilt to use as a base. It's probably best to get one that already features many different colors and varied patterns so it won't look odd when you add your custom patches on later.

Step 2 - Gather & Cut Swatches

Now comes the fun part. It's time to gather up the memories! Get those boxes out of storage and open them up. It's time to put that clutter to good use. Find the fabric items you have been holding onto that have special meaning in your relationship. Cut them into squares, circles, hearts, and other shapes to sew them as patches onto the quilt. Variety is key!

Here are a few ideas of memories you may have kept that would be great to include on your Quilt of Memories:

First Date

Did you save those blue jeans? That tank top? The little black dress? Chances are these clothes don't fit you anymore, and they're just hanging around for sentimental value. Well take them out, and cut them up!

Other Firsts

Your first kiss. The first time you told each other "I love you." Your first time to the ocean. Your first Christmas together. All of these are significant moments, and if you can part with these clothes, they would make a great addition to your quilt!

Pieces of Home

Did you save the curtains from your first place together? What about the first bedding set you owned? That tired old blanket that you spent so many nights cuddled up together beneath...use your imagination!

Pieces of the Past

Remember that old ball cap he used to wear? Your old softball jersey? These are great pieces to include.


Have kids? You could include pieces of their hospital caps, gowns, blankets, etc. Or if you have the clothes you or your sweetheart wore on the way to the hospital (or the trip home), you could cut those up as swatches for your quilt.


Now, granted, you can't stitch photos onto a quilt, but you can transfer your digital photos onto fabric with iron-on paper. It's a fun and easy way to include some of your best memories on your quilt.

More Meaningful Memories

Search your mind for any other fabrics that could represent things that hold a special meaning in your relationship.

Step 3 - Stitch It Up

Finally, it's time to add your memories to the quilt! Take that pile of swatches, and grab a needle and thread. Figure in about five minutes to sew on each patch, and this is about how long it should take to finish your Quilt of Memories.

Soon you will have a beautiful gift to present to your significant other on Valentine's Day...and you barely had to do a thing!

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