Au Sable Forks

Au Sable Forks is a small hamlet located in both Essex County (as part of Black Brook) and Clinton County (as part of Jay). The East and West Branches of the Ausable River meet in Au Sable Forks, and the river also flows south from the hamlet.

Since the Ausable River flows right through Au Sable Forks, the hamlet is recognized as great spot for anglers to visit. The river is renowned for its population of brown trout; rainbow trout are present in the river too. If you prefer to fish on a lake, Fern Lake is located a few miles northwest of the center of Au Sable Forks.


For outdoor enthusiasts, there's more to do in and around Au Sable Forks than just trout fishing. On the outskirts of Au Sable Forks is Taylor Pond Campground, which features a variety of recreational opportunities, including: picnicking, boating, hiking, and camping (primitive campsites and a few lean-tos).

From Taylor Pond Campground, you can access a 12-mile snowmobile trail that travels around Taylor Pond. In addition, there are nearby trails that lead to Catamount Mountain and Silver Lake/Silver Lake Mountain.

In relation to the rest of the Ausable Valley in the Northern Adirondacks, Au Sable Forks is the central area. Wilmington is located to the east, Jay is located farther south, and Keeseville is located east of Au Sable Forks.

The hamlet doesn't have a large number of restaurants, but there are a few local eateries and places where you can purchase groceries and other goods. While Au Sable Forks has few lodging options as well, you'll find more in nearby Wilmington and a few others in the surrounding area.

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