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Explore Whiteface Mountain & More In Wilmington, NY

Located northeast of Lake Placid, the Town of Wilmington offers everything that an outdoor-adventure lover could desire. About 62% of the town is Forest Preserve land, which makes it the perfect place to enjoy the wilderness all year round.

Many know Wilmington as the home of Whiteface Mountain, one of the highest of the 46 High Peaks and the site of the 1932 and 1980 Winter Olympics' alpine skiing events. Not only can you hike to the summit, but you can pay to drive up the Whiteface Veterans Memorial Highway.

Whiteface isn't the only popular site in Wilmington for outdoor enthusiasts. Parts of the Wilmington Wild Forest, the Wilmington Notch Campground, and other wilderness areas are open for activities. Some of the highlights include:

1. "The Flume" - A series of completely natural waterfalls and swimming hole popular with both visitors and residents. It is the main attraction of the Flume Trail System.

2. High Falls Gorge - Located in the Wilmington Notch, this natural attraction features over 700 feet of rushing water, steep cascades, and high cliffs.

3. Wilmington Town Beach - This popular local beach has a playground, picnic area, and a boat launch.

4. The Ausable River - The river flows through the center of town, and there are many great spots for trout fishing along it.

In addition, there is a small hamlet in Wilmington named North Pole, which is located off Route 86 on the Veterans Memorial Highway. The hamlet is the home of Santa's Workshop, a Christmas-themed amusement park with storybook characters, music, live performances, reindeer, and even more holiday entertainment.

If you're interested in visiting Wilmington, there is a wide range of options available in the town, such as inns, lodges, and campgrounds. There are a few local eateries in the area as well, and you can get fast-food at the A&W restaurant on Route 86.

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waterfall being split by a large rock and then coming back together with photo credit by zack clothier
Flume Falls
Wilmington, NY
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two separate waterfalls dropping into the same pool
AuSable River Falls
Wilmington, NY
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frozen waterfall with photo credit to kevin mackenzie
Wilmington Notch Falls
Wilmington, NY
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waterfall in forest
Stag Brook Falls
Wilmington, NY
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mountain summits in the distance
Esther Mountain
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picture of bridge by high falls gorge
High Falls Gorge
Wilmington, NY
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water splashing up against rocks with photo credit to thomas w. gorman
Wilmington Flume
Wilmington, NY
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sign that says welcome whiteface the olympic mountain with a ski mountain visible in the background
Whiteface Mountain
Wilmington, NY
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two waterfalls dropping side-by-side into a pool with photo credit to zach monroe
High Falls Gorge
Wilmington, NY
This privately-owned park features well-maintained trails and bridges that provide excellent views of four waterfalls.... [+More]
Wilmington Notch Campground
Wilmington, NY
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North Pole Resorts (Inn, cottages, campground & cabins)
Wilmington, NY
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The Hungry Trout Fly Shop
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Whiteface Mountain
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Up a Creek Restaurant
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Ausable River Two Fly Shop
Wilmington, NY
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R.F. McDougall's Pub at the Hungry Trout Restaurant
Wilmington, NY
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Wilmington Youth Center
Wilmington, NY
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Hungry Trout Restaurant
Wilmington, NY
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Fly Fish the Adirondacks
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Pourman's Taphouse
Wilmington, NY
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Country Bear
Wilmington, NY
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