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Top Halloween Safety Tips in the Adirondacks

Note: You can find updated COVID-19 related Halloween information from the CDC here.

For many, Halloween is one of the premier events of the fall season. However, despite all the excitement surrounding the holiday, it's always important to stay safe. Whether you're walking about, distributing candy, or enjoying the post-Halloween sugar rush, consider these basic safety guidelines for a great Halloween.

halloween candy on table

Walking Safety

All children should always be accompanied by adults.

Follow traffic rules. Look left, right, and left again when crossing the street.

Only walk on sidewalks and designated paths.

Keep an eye out for cars that are turning, backing up, or coming out of parking spaces.

Plan a route that has the least street crossings.

Wear reflective tape on costumes so drivers can see you.

Carry flashlights - they can be spooky and help you be safe!

Try to use face paint instead of masks to avoid obstructing your child's vision.

Do not accept rides from strangers.

A perfect trick-or-treat route should circle back to your home.

Homeowner Safety

pumpkin icon Keep your home safe by clearing your front yard of debris and gardening items.

pumpkin icon Make sure your house is well lit for trick-or-treaters.

pumpkin icon To prevent fires, pumpkins should be lit with glowsticks or flashlights rather than candles.

pumpkin icon Restrain pets that may scare trick-or-treaters.

pumpkin icon Everybody loves a haunted house, but try to keep the terror safe. Limit surprises and don't target small children.

pumpkin icon Consider providing options for healthy treats or small party favor trinkets.

Candy Health and Safety

candy corn icon Know if your child has specific allergies or candies that he or she cannot eat.

candy corn icon Only approach houses that are well lit and on main streets.

candy corn icon Trick-or-treating usually takes place between 5:30 pm and 9:30 pm.

candy corn icon Limit the amount of candy kids eat while trick-or-treating and after.

candy corn icon Examine treats for choking hazards or tampering.

candy corn icon Only enter homes of trusted adults.

candy corn icon Encourage kids to eat filling, healthy meals the day of trick-or-treating.

candy corn icon Try rationing treats after Halloween by trading candy for play time or other rewards.

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