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Insider Secrets: Peak Foliage by Region

The six-million-acre Adirondack Park is filled with foliage come fall, but because the region is so massive sometimes the colors change at different times in different areas. So hear it from the locals - the best times to see the leaves by region.

trees and grass in the fall

The Peak Time to View Fall Foliage

Lake George

"The best time to see foliage at Lake George Escape is probably from mid-September to October." - Beth Blankenship

"Peak foliage is usually the last two weekends in September." - Dan Rougeau

"Early October/late September is usually the beginning of leaf changing around here." - Hannah Rhodes

Old Forge

"I would say the most ripe time for fall foliage in Old Forge, NY would be beginning/mid October around Columbus Day Weekend." - Samantha Salsbury

Bolton Landing

"The best way to view the fall foliage is from the water especially from the beginning of October until Columbus Day." - John Orlando


"The peak foliage is really dependent on the weather, the leaves can change faster in a dry summer season. It usually happens in mid to late October." - Anthony DeFranco

Lake Placid

"The High Peaks Region of the Adirondacks is one of the first areas to show fall color in the Eastern United States due to our northern latitude and high elevation. The color show can begin as early as the week after Labor Day as the nights cool down and days remain warm." - Lori Fitzgerald


"A ride through Speculator, N.Y., some time early in October is great" - Chris Palumbo

Indian Lake

"Best peak time in the Adirondack Park is the last week in September." - Kerry Rafferty


"Varies year to year depending upon weather conditions - end of September, to first week or so of October." - Gregory Beckler

Schroon Lake

"Most usually the peak in this area is the first weekend in October. That being said last year it was a little early, and judging the changing leaves that are here already, this year may indeed be a little early." - Phyllis Rogers


"The best time to view the fall colors is around Columbus weekend. Typically that's when we peak here." - Mike Delsignore


"The best time to view peak foliage in the Southern Adirondacks is usually the last half of September into the early part of October." - Mike Humphrey

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