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Local Tips For Adirondack Leaf Peeping

Insider Secrets: Leaf Peeping Tips & Tidbits

Love leaf peeping? Check out some special tips and tidbits provided below from locals of Lake George and the Adirondacks. We have the insider secrets to make this fall the best one ever.

For an insider's view of the foliage, watch the video below from Adirondack local Jeff Kellogg, who enjoys seeing the fall foliage from his ultralight plane.

(VIDEO) Aerial View of Adirondack Fall Foliage

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"Fall is my favorite season, but mostly because I spent most of my falls in the beauty of the Adirondack mountains, my only tip is to get up there and enjoy! Being in nature will always bring you back to what life is really about." - Samantha Salsbury

"If it rains the night before your dad asks you to rake, double bag the bags you are putting the leaves in. Otherwise, they may explode and completely soak you, and all of your clothing." - Jeremy Brown

"The whole area is conducive to the leaf peepers. Lake George Escape is only minutes from the Vermont Mountains as well. There are beautiful day trips, such as Grant's Cottage, Prospect Mountain Gondola, and Garnet Mine." - Beth Blankenship

"Viewing the foliage from the air is another option with Adirondack Scenic Flights flying from the Lake Placid Airport daily. It'll be red, orange and yellow highlighted with evergreen as far as the eye can see!" - Lori Fitzgerald

"Don't wait until it's too late. Adirondack fall weather is the best time to explore what the Park has to offer. Some of the leaves have already begun to change, and you can experience the dramatic colors, even before they've peaked." - Mike Humphrey

"If you haven't been over the Crown Point Bridge - it's worth the trip. Stop and park the car to take a walk over Lake Champlain using the pedestrian walkway over the bridge. The bridge is worth visiting on it's own and you may even be lucky enough to spot an osprey or even a bald eagle flying over the lake." - Anthony DeFranco

"A nice drive up to Lake Placid is something tourists should do. They do peak sooner than we do down here. Typically a week earlier." - Mike Delsignore

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