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Hot Weather, A Holiday Weekend & More to Know for ADK Hiking This Weekend

Hiking Conditions for Jul 1 - 4, 2022

Prepare accordingly for the hot holiday weekend we have ahead of us in the Adirondacks. Check weather, trail notices, and tips below!

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This page was updated on 07/01/22

Here's the Weather Report (07/01/22)

Here are forecasts in the ADK at a glance:

  • Crown Point: Fri 91° and mostly cloudy, Sat 84° and mostly sunny, Sun 82° and sunny, Mon 82° and partly cloudy
  • Indian Lake: Fri 83° and mostly cloudy, Sat 76° and partly cloudy, Sun 73° and sunny, Mon 74° and partly cloudy
  • Keene: Fri 86° and cloudy, Sat 79° and partly cloudy, Sun 76° and mostly sunny, Mon 75° and partly cloudy
  • Lake George: Fri 92° and partly cloudy, Sat 86° and scattered showers, Sun 84° and sunny, Mon 84° and partly cloudy
  • Lake Placid: Fri 82° and mostly cloudy, Sat 76° and partly cloudy, Sun 72° and mostly sunny, Mon 72° and partly cloudy
  • Long Lake: Fri 83° and mostly cloudy, Sat 77° and mostly sunny, Sun 73° and sunny, Mon 74° and partly cloudy
  • North Creek: Fri 86° and partly cloudy, Sat 79° and showers, Sun 77° and sunny, Mon 77° and partly cloudy
  • Old Forge: Fri 82° and mostly cloudy, Sat 75° and mostly sunny, Sun 73° and sunny, Mon 75° and partly cloudy
  • Saranac Lake: Fri 81° and mostly cloudy, Sat 76° and partly cloudy, Sun 72° and mostly sunny, Mon 72° and partly cloudy
  • Ticonderoga: Fri 90° and mostly cloudy, Sat 83° and rain, Sun 80° and sunny, Mon 81° and partly cloudy
  • Tupper Lake: Fri 82° and mostly cloudy, Sat 76° and partly cloudy, Sun 72° and mostly sunny, Mon 73° and partly cloudy

Be prepared for hotter temperatures this weekend. Friday is expected to be especially hot in some areas. Temperatures on mountain summits will be significantly cooler than at base elevations, so bring extra layers as well as rain and wind gear.

Wear sunscreen and other sun protection. Bring plenty of water, take breaks in the shade, and eat salty foods to help with water retention and electrolyte balance.

Sunrise is at 5:17am, sunset at 8:45pm. Make a timeline and stick to it. Pack a headlamp even if you expect to finish your activity before sunset.

See the National Weather Service for the Northern Adirondacks >>

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Busy Trails This Weekend

It's a holiday weekend, so expect trails to be busy! Plan on arriving at your destination early and have several backup plans in case parking at your desired location is full. Check @NYSDECAlerts on Twitter for real-time updates on parking lot status.

Hiker Information Stations

The DEC Adirondack Hiker Information Stations are now operating every weekend through Columbus Day. Stop by ahead of your weekend hiking trip to check out info on parking, alternative hiking locations, rules/regulations, and more.

Every Friday, Saturday & Sunday:

  • High Peaks Rest Area, Northbound on Route 87, starting at 7am
  • Beekmantown Rest Area, Southbound on Route 87, starting at 7am

Additional stations this weekend:

  • Friday - Sunday at Marcy Field, Keene Valley, starting at 7am
  • Friday - Sunday at Frontier Gateway, North Hudson, starting at 7am

Last Week's Trail Notices

There are no new trail notices this week. Here's last week's:

The DEC has been working with the Adirondack Mountain Club to help close and relocate two primitive tent sites from the south shore of Woods Lake to the north shore in the Silver Lakes Wilderness. The objective was to spread out use and improve camping opportunities for NPT thru-hikers. This project was part of a larger trail work effort that the Adirondack Mountain Club organized on June 4, National Trails Day.  

Water Conditions & Crossings

Water levels throughout the Adirondacks range from average to above average for this time of year. Personal flotation devices are strongly recommended to be worn.

Do not attempt to cross high, fast-moving water.

Check current water data >>

Fire Danger Differs by Area

Fire danger is currently low for the central and northern areas of the Adirondacks; regions east, west, and south are moderate.

View the Fire Danger Map >>

Hiking With Dogs

Every season the DEC receives calls about distressed dogs, particularly on hot days. It's easier than we think for pet owners to overestimate how physically fit their dog is, how much water they will need, or how it feels to walk on scalding hot rocks.

If you are out with your canine friend and they collapse, quickly move to create shade for the dog and cool their feet and stomach. 

Biting Insects

Ticks are out, as well as black flies, mosquitoes, and deer flies. Wear light-colored clothing with a tight tick weave to spot ticks easily. Wear enclosed shoes, long pants, and a long-sleeved shirt. Tuck pants into socks or boots, and shirt into pants. Check clothes and any exposed skin frequently for ticks while outdoors. Consider using insect repellent. Stay on clear, well-traveled trails and walk in the center of trails. Avoid dense woods and busy areas.

Bear Canisters

The DEC requires the use of bear-resistant canisters by overnight users in the Eastern High Peaks Wilderness between April 1 and November 30; they're highly encouraged elsewhere.

Bear canisters should be used to store all food, food garbage, toiletries, and items with a scent. They should be stored at least 100 feet away from tents, lean-tos, and cooking sites, and kept closed when they're not being accessed.

Adirondack Mountain Reserve Parking Reservations

Parking reservations are required from May 1 through October 31 for single-day and overnight access to the parking lot, trailheads, and trails located on the privately owned AMR property; reservations are required even if you're being dropped off.

Find more info and register at >>

For the Rock Climbers

The DEC closes certain rock climbing routes each year to protect nesting peregrine falcons. 

See a full list of closures >>

Report Backcountry Emergencies to This Number

Report emergencies like lost or injured hikers and wildland fires to the DEC Ray Brook Dispatch at 518.891.0235.

On Twitter? Follow This DEC Account

Hikers and other outdoor enthusiasts can follow @NYSDECAlerts on Twitter for real-time updates to help you better prepare for your outing. This account provides updates for DEC-managed lands throughout the state, including the Adirondacks.

This page was updated on 07/01/22.

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