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A Trail Closure Coming Up & More ADK Hiking News to Know

Hiking Conditions for September 15 - 17, 2023

Temperatures will be cool, there are new trail notices to check out, and a fire tower is opening up to the public. Check out the latest for hiking in the Adirondacks below!

This page was updated on 09/15/23.

view of lake and mountains from summer in early fall

Trail Conditions Right Now

Trails are still very wet and muddy. Muddy conditions on steep slopes can be unstable and slippery. The consistent wet weather has made rocks, boulders, and roots extremely slippery. Hikers should use caution on wet trails.

Weather Predictions for the Weekend 

Daytime temperatures in the region will range from the mid 60s to low 70s throughout the weekend, with nighttime lows in the low 50s.

Remember that thunderstorms can pop up even when they're not in the forecast. Watch for darkening skies, increased winds, lightning flashes, and the rumble of thunder. Avoid summits and other open areas during thunderstorms.

See the National Weather Service for the Northern Adirondacks >>

View the National Weather Service for the Southern Adirondacks >>

Sunrise/Sunset Times

Sunrise is at 6:33am and sunset is at 7:08pm. Pack at least one headlamp, and other items for an unexpected overnight just in case.

Buck Mountain Fire Tower Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

The Buck Mountain Fire Tower Ribbon Cutting Ceremony is happening on Friday, September 15, at 1pm at 484 South Sabattis Road in Long Lake. The historic 60-foot fire tower has been rehabilitated and is now open to the public.

This Week's Trail Notices

The free Route 73 Hiker Shuttle will resume on September 23. This shuttle will operate from 7am to 7pm on Saturdays and Sundays through October 8, plus Monday, October 9.

The Cobble Hill Trail in Lake Placid will be closed on Monday, September 18, through Thursday, September 21, to allow a professional trail crew to do rock and drainage work. It will reopen on Friday, September 22.

Last Week's Trail Notices

The Upper Locks closure between Upper Saranac and Middle Saranac Lakes will start on September 18. The project is expected to be completed sometime next year.

There is an exclusive rights period on the Cranberry Forest Conservation Easement in the Grass River Wild Forest until December 16. The only public uses allowed during this time is the year-round use of the Windfall Road and Buckhorn Road for the sole purpose of accessing the river corridor, and the year-round use of the Dillon Pond Public Use Area.

There is a River Creel Survey between now and the end of the year, when anglers at points along the Saranac and Bouquet Rivers can help biologists learn more about angler use, catch, harvest, and expectations by participating in a voluntary pilot survey conducted by on-site staff.

The DEC is reminding us that the trailhead at Kings Flow, with trails leading to the DEC trail system for access to Chimney Mountain, Puffer Pond from the north, and along Kings Flow from the north, is on private land. It's closed to the public at this time, and there is no easement for public use.

Hiker Information Stations

Here's where the environmental educators will be stationed this weekend:

Garden Trailhead, Keene Valley

Friday, September 15, 7am to 3pm

Mt. Van Hoevenberg

Friday, September 15, 7am to 3pm
Monday, September 16, 7am to 3pm

Marcy Field Shuttle Stop

Saturday, September 16, 7am to 3pm
Sunday, September 17, 7am to 3pm

Adirondack Mountain Reserve

Parking reservations are required at the Adirondack Mountain Reserve through October 31. This is for single-day and overnight access to the parking lot, trailheads, and trails on this privately owned property.

Learn more about AMR reservations >>

Current Fire Danger

Fire danger is currently low throughout New York State. Continue to be safe with campfires.

Check the frequently updated fire danger map >>

Mount Colden Trapdike Reminder

The trapdike is considered a technical climb. It's not a hike. Climbers who take this on need to be prepared with helmets, ropes, and climbing gear to ascend the route.

Hikers looking to summit Mount Colden should do so via the hiking routes. Attempting to climb the trapdike unprepared can result in a rescue operation, serious injury, or death.

Beware of Ticks

Ticks are still out. Wear light-colored clothing with a tight weave to spot the insects easily. Wear enclosed shoes, long pants, and a long-sleeved shirt. Tuck pant legs into socks or boots and shirt into pants.

Check clothes and any exposed skin frequently for ticks while outdoors. Consider using insect repellent. Stay on clear, well-traveled trails and walk in the center of the trails, avoiding dense woods and busy areas.

Water Levels & Water Crossings

Water levels are slightly higher than average for this time of year. PDFs are strongly recommended.

Check current water data >>

No Overnight Camping at Trailheads

Just a reminder, there is no overnight camping at trailheads or at other roadside locations where a camping disc is not present. This includes car/van/RV camping. Campers should seek out designated roadside campsites marked with a "camp here" disc, or a campground.

When camping, always carry out what you carry in and dispose of trash properly. Use designated bathroom facilities, or pack out human and pet waste, or dig a cat hole.

Bear Canisters Required

Bear canisters are required by overnight users in the Eastern High Peaks Wilderness between April 1 and November 30. They're highly encouraged elsewhere in the park.

Bear canisters should be used to store all food, food garbage, toiletries, and other items with a scent. Canisters should be stored a minimum of 100 feet from tents, lean-tos, and cooking sites, and be kept closed whenever they're not being accessed.

Report Backcountry Emergencies to This Number

Report emergencies like lost or injured hikers and wildland fires to the DEC Ray Brook Dispatch at 518.891.0235.

On Twitter? Follow This DEC Account

Hikers and other outdoor enthusiasts can follow @NYSDECAlerts on Twitter (X) for real-time updates to help you better prepare for your outing. This account provides updates for DEC-managed lands throughout the state, including the Adirondacks.

This page was updated on 09/15/23.

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