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Get the High Peaks Wilderness Snow Report & More Info on Adirondack Hiking Conditions for the Weekend

Hiking Conditions for December 2 - 4, 2022

Temperatures aren't terrifically cold this weekend, but there will be some precipitation in some areas. Check out the weather, new trail notices, and more below for hiking in the Adirondacks!

This page was updated on 12/02/22.

snow covered trees on a mountain

The Weather Report

Here are the latest predictions:

  • Crown Point: Fri 42° and partly cloudy, Sat 49° and rain, Sun 39° and partly cloudy
  • Indian Lake: Fri 35° and partly cloudy, Sat 44° and rain and snow, Sun 30° and mostly cloudy
  • Keene: Fri 39° and snow showers, Sat 43° and rain, Sun 29° and partly cloudy
  • Lake George: Fri 43° and partly cloudy, Sat 52° and rain, Sun 41° and partly cloudy
  • Lake Placid: Fri 36° and snow showers, Sat 42° and rain and snow, Sun 28° and mostly cloudy
  • Long Lake: Fri 36° and partly cloudy, Sat 42° and rain and snow, Sun 31° and mostly cloudy
  • North Creek: Fri 37° and partly cloudy, Sat 46° and rain, Sun 32° and mostly cloudy
  • Old Forge: Fri 36° and partly cloudy, Sat 44° and rain and snow, Sun 28° and cloudy
  • Saranac Lake: Fri 38° and snow showers, Sat 44° and rain, Sun 30° and mostly cloudy
  • Ticonderoga: Fri 40° and partly cloudy, Sat 48° and rain, Sun 38° and partly cloudy
  • Tupper Lake: Fri 38° and partly cloudy, Sat 44° and rain and snow, Sun 31° and mostly cloudy

Nighttime lows expect to get down to the low 20s to 30 degrees throughout the weekend.

As always, these temperatures are estimates for base elevations. Always anticipate more extreme conditions at high elevations, and remember that weather changes quickly in the mountains.

Carry extra layers, rain gear, and be prepared to adapt to changing conditions. Traction devices are recommended for anyone planning on hiking at elevation this season.

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High Peaks Wilderness Snow Report

There is approximately 5 inches of snow at the Colden Caretaker Cabin. Higher summits have approximately a foot of snow - bring snowshoes. Ski trails are not in good condition at this time. Trails in general are messy and slippery due to thin ice coverage. Avalanche Lake and Lake Colden are not crossable.

Sunrise/Sunset Times

Don't forget to take into account the time change when making your timeline and plans. The sunrise is at 7:13am and sunset at 4:17pm. The temperature can drop dramatically once the sun sets.

Make a timeline and stick to it, packing a headlamp and extra layers, even if you expect to finish before the sun goes down.

This Week's Trail Notices

Public access to Lake Lila in the William C. Whitney Wilderness is closed for the season.

Gates to the Moose River Plains Recreation Area will close to public motor vehicle traffic on December 5 for the season.

Last Week's Trail Notices

The Cat Mountain Red Trail in the Lake George Wild Forest from Edgecomb Pond Road to the summit is currently undermarked due to hikers taking trail markers as souvenirs. The trail is difficult to follow in winter conditions without the proper marking. Please leave trail markers where you find them for the safety of other hikers. The Blue Trail offers a well-marked alternate route to the summit.

The Low's Lower Dam maintenance project has begun in the Bog River Complex, and public access will be closed at Low's Lower Dam starting on December 6. No public launching of boats will be allowed during construction, which is expected to last through late fall 2023. Access to Hitchens Pond and Low's Lake during this time will require extensive portages, and users are advised to seek out other areas to visit while this construction project is in progress.

Read more about the Lower Dam project >>

More Recent Trail Notices

Gulf Brook Road in the Boreas Ponds Tract is now closed to motor vehicle traffic for the winter season, starting at the Blue Ridge Parking Area. The Blue Ridge Parking Area will remain open - plowing of the lot is subject to the Town's plowing schedule.

A bridge is out on the Pharaoh Lake Trail in the Pharaoh Lake Wilderness. Crossing may not be possible during high water. Users should be prepared to turn back if conditions are unsafe. The bridge is at a curve in the trail, with steep approaches from both directions. winter users should be prepared to stop completely at this location to asses conditions before crossing. 

The first bridge on the Shelving Rock Brook Trail in the Lake George Wild Forest (closest to the road) is unsafe for equestrian use. Equestrian users should ford the stream at this location.

The Longway Trail in Shelving Rock is impassable due to extensive blowdown.

Seasonal Roads

Due to recent snow, some seasonal access roads are beginning to close. Check for closure announcements and be prepared to turn around and take an alternate route.

For Snowmobilers

Visitors are advised to plan ahead and check with local snowmobile clubs and the NYSSA snowmobile web map for up-to-date snowmobile trail information.

Water Crossings

Never attempt to cross high, fast-moving water, especially following rain or storms. If there is rain forecast during the day, be mindful of how water crossings might swell between your first crossing and your return trip.

Check current water data >>

Current Fire Danger

Due to current and expected weather patterns, the fire danger rating forecast has concluded for the 2022 season, and will resume in the spring of 2023.

Report Backcountry Emergencies to This Number

Report emergencies like lost or injured hikers and wildland fires to the DEC Ray Brook Dispatch at 518.891.0235.

On Twitter? Follow This DEC Account

Hikers and other outdoor enthusiasts can follow @NYSDECAlerts on Twitter for real-time updates to help you better prepare for your outing. This account provides updates for DEC-managed lands throughout the state, including the Adirondacks.

This page was updated on 12/02/22.

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