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You Might Want to Bring Snowshoes for This Weekend's ADK Hike

Hiking Conditions for January 27 - 29, 2022

Depending on where you plan to hike or recreate in the Adirondacks this weekend you might be looking at some snow showers. Check out what else to know below!

This page was updated on 01/27/23.

hiking path in the winter, snow on cattails

The Weather Report

Here are the latest predictions:

  • Crown Point: Fri 36° and cloudy, Sat 39° and partly cloudy, Sun 39° and rain and snow
  • Indian Lake: Fri 30° and cloudy, Sat 31° and mostly cloudy, Sun 35° and snow 
  • Keene: Fri 33° and snow showers, Sat 33° and snow showers, Sun 36° and snow 
  • Lake George: Fri 40° and cloudy, Sat 42° and mostly cloudy, Sun 42° and rain and snow
  • Lake Placid: Fri 28° and snow showers, Sat 29° and snow showers, Sun 33° and snow
  • Long Lake: Fri 30° and snow showers, Sat 30° and snow showers, Sun 35° and snow
  • North Creek: Fri 32° and cloudy, Sat 33° and partly cloudy, Sun 36° and snow 
  • Old Forge: Fri 27° and snow showers, Sat 28° and snow showers, Sun 34° and snow 
  • Saranac Lake: Fri 29° and snow showers, Sat 29° and snow showers, Sun 32° and snow 
  • Ticonderoga: Fri 36° and cloudy, Sat 39° and mostly cloudy, Sun 38° and rain and snow
  • Tupper Lake: Fri 31° and snow showers, Sat 30° and snow showers, Sun 33° and snow 

As the DEC put it, it's a winter wonderland weekend in the Adirondacks! Some areas are seeing snow throughout the weekend. Make sure to check the forecast for your specific destination. 

Base temperatures in the High Peaks region are forecast fo cl

High elevation and summit conditions in general will be even more severe, with colder temperatures and more variable conditions. 

Cool or cold, wet conditions bring a high danger of hypothermia. Snow and ice conditions will be affected by rain and melting snow. 

As always, the above temperature breakout intends to convey estimates for base elevations. Always anticipate more extreme conditions at high elevations, and remember that weather changes quickly in the mountains.

See the National Weather Service for the Northern Adirondacks >>

View the National Weather Service for the Southern Adirondacks >>

High Peaks Wilderness Snow Report

There was 13.8 inches of snow reported at the Colden Caretaker Cabin on January 19, with several feet of snow at higher elevations. 

Conditions now require snowshoes to be worn in the Eastern High Peaks Wilderness, where snow depths exceed 8 inches. Microspikes and crampons are needed. 

Avalanche Lake and Lake Colden have low quality ice coverage, with soft sections and areas of running water. Conditions on ski trails range from moderate to poor. This could change with the arrival of more snow this weekend.

Sunrise/Sunset Times

Don't forget to take into account the time change when making your timeline and plans. The sunrise is at 7:16am and sunset at 4:59pm. The temperature can drop dramatically once the sun sets.

Make a timeline and stick to it, packing a headlamp and extra layers, even if you expect to finish before the sun goes down.

This Week's Trail Notices

There are no new notices this week.

Last Week's Trail Notices

The Three Lakes Trail (Pollack Swamp Road) in Independence River Wild Forest has been temporarily rerouted near Big Moose Road to avoid timber harvesting. 

The Village ski trail at the ball park in Perkins Clearing/Speculator Tree Farm Conservation Easement Tracts has experienced some flooding due to unusually high water and beaver activity. A good amount of the trial is accessible, but suggested parking is now on Elm Lake road, near the gate into Speculator Tree Farm Tract.

More Recent Trail Notices

Logging is in progress in the vicinity of Mountain Pond Road in the Kushaqua Conservation Easement. The road is being used as a haul road and is closed to all motorized use for the duration of the operation. Non-motorized users of the road should use extreme caution and expect to encounter log trucks.

Trails in the Bolton area of the Lake George Wild Forest, including Cat Mountain and Tongue Mountain, have blowndown from recent storms. The bridge across Northwest Bay Swamp on the Tongue Mountain Blue Trail is damaged but can be used with caution. Trails continue to have mixed conditions.

The Goodnow Mountain Trail in the Town of Newcomb is closed as of January 10 and will remain closed through March 15 (this is subject to change) to accommodate an ongoing timber harvest taking place in the vicinity. During this time, the public is not allowed to access the Goodnow Mountain trailhead, trail, or tower.

For Snowmobilers

All snowmobilers should check with local snowmobile clubs, look at the NYSSA snowmobile web map, and check other resources/sources before heading out on the trails.

Seasonal Roads

Many seasonal roads are now closed for the season. Check for closure announcements and be prepared to turn around and take an alternate route.

Water Crossings & Conditions

Water levels throughout the Adirondack region are above average to high for this time of year. 

If precipitation is forecast during the day, be mindful of how water crossings might swell between your first crossing and your return trip. Do not trust ice to hold your weight, especially over moving water. 

Check current water data >>

Report Backcountry Emergencies to This Number

Report emergencies like lost or injured hikers and wildland fires to the DEC Ray Brook Dispatch at 518.891.0235.

On Twitter? Follow This DEC Account

Hikers and other outdoor enthusiasts can follow @NYSDECAlerts on Twitter for real-time updates to help you better prepare for your outing. This account provides updates for DEC-managed lands throughout the state, including the Adirondacks.

This page was updated on 01/27/23.

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