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Skip the Cooking & Cleaning This Year! Here's Where to Eat Out in the Adirondacks for the Holidays

The holiday season is one of the busiest times of the year, and for many of us, the last thing we want to think about is preparing a big dinner for the family. If you'd prefer to relax instead of cook in the kitchen, then you should plan on going to one of these Adirondack restaurants that will be open on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve, or New Year's Day.

christmas tree inside a rustic dining room

Please note: As this is a busy time of year, it's best to make a reservation ahead of time if the restaurant allows them. Please call ahead to confirm hours!

Adirondack Restaurants Open for the Holidays 2019 - 2020

Big Moose Station (Eagle Bay)

  • New Year's Eve: 11:30am
  • New Year's Day: 11:30am
  • 315.357.3525

Clubhouse at Whiteface Lodge (Lake Placid)

  • New Year's Eve: 11am to 2pm | 5pm to 8pm

Dancing Bears Restaurant (Lake Placid)

  • Christmas Eve: 7am to 10pm
  • Christmas Day: 7am to 10pm
  • New Year's Eve: 7am to 1am (and there will be a band)
  • New Year's Day: 7am to 10pm

The Hungry Trout (Wilmington)

  • New Year's Eve: 5pm to 9pm
  • 518.946.2217

Noon Mark Diner (Keene Valley)

  • Christmas Eve: 6am to 2pm
  • New Year's Eve: 6am to 5pm
  • New Year's Day: 8am to 9pm
  • 518.576.4499

Salt of the Earth Bistro (Lake Placid)

  • New Year's Eve: 5pm to 9pm (credit card required with reservations)
  • 518.523.5956

Simply Gourmet (Lake Placid)

  • Christmas Eve: 8am to 3pm
  • New Year's Eve: 8am to 3pm
  • New Year's Day: call for hours
  • 518.523.3111

Smoke Signals (Lake Placid)

  • Christmas Eve: 4pm to 12am
  • New Year's Eve: 4pm to 12am
  • New Year's Day: 4pm to 12am
  • 518.523.2271

Sticks & Stones Wood Fired Bistro & Bar (Schroon Lake)

  • Christmas Eve: 11:30am to 8pm
  • New Year's Eve: 11:30am to 12am
  • New Year's Day: 11:30am to 10pm
  • 518.532.9663

The View at Mirror Lake Inn (Lake Placid)

  • Christmas Eve: 7:30am to 11am | 5pm to 9pm
  • Christmas Day: 7:30am to 11am | 5pm to 9pm
  • New Year's Eve: 7:30am to 11am | 6pm to 10pm

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