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How is a Chocolate Truffle Made? An Inside Look at This Decadent Treat

Curious for its combination of a solid, crunchy exterior and a soft, liquid interior, the truffle is one of the most delicious and complex varieties of chocolate. The next time you reach for that delectable treat, remember that like most things (you and me included), the truffle has gone through an extensive lifecycle in order to reach the mature stage that you crave!

page about truffle creation - Stage 1 - Newborn, A truffle is born when the desired chocolate is melted and poured into the cavities of the chosen  mold to form the truffle's exterior; Stage 2 - Toddler, There is bound to be excess chocolate that must be poured off before it begins to harden - a single layer should be left in the mold; Stage 3 - Child, The ganache (that melts in your mouth when you break the truffle's surface) is piped into the cavities of the mold; Strage 4 - Adolescent, To seal the soft ganache into the interior, another layer of chocolate is poured over the mold and scraped flat; Stage 5 - Teenager, Once the exterior of the chocolate has hardened, the truffles are tapped out of the mold and lined up for decorating; Stage 6 - Young Adult, Time for decoration! Truffles may be piped with a different variety of choolate, sprinkled with colored sugar, or coated with another treat; Stage 7 - Mature, The truffle is now mature and ready to be eaten. Beware: by nature, truffles are delicious and extremely addicting - be prepared to eat more than one!

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