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The Best Places To Fish For Panfish In The Adirondacks

Fishing in the Adirondack Mountains, one will find a wide variety of different Panfish. 

Try out some of these Adirondack fishing spots to find the best Panfish around! 

fisherman holding up two fish on frozen lake
Lake George
Warren County, Lake George, NY
Lake George is a great lake for fishing in both, the north and south basins with large fish populations.... [+More]
St. Lawrence River
St. Lawrence County, NY
The St. Lawrence River holds large populations of various species of fish and has numerous access points.... [+More]
Lake Bonaparte
Lewis County, NY
Lake Bonaparte sees heavy recreational use in the summer, but is a great fishing spot for anglers in Lewis County.... [+More]
Francis Lake
Lewis County, NY
Francis Lake is a great shallow weedy lake off Route 26.... [+More]