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Hague, NY: Home Of Georgie The Lake Monster

The quaint village of Hague is gently tucked into the northern shoreline of beautiful Lake George. Enjoy the quiet ambiance of this peaceful village, where a traditional approach to summer vacation includes fishing, swimming, boating, and old-fashioned relaxation.

Rogers rock in the distance from Lake George
Photo by Luke Dow

In winter, experience traditional Adirondack activities like cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, or even snowmobiling into many of the accessible and pristine areas nearby. Winter camping is also an option in Hague.

Breathtaking beauty, clear mountain air, and privacy provide the foundation for an ideal year-round retreat. Relax and let this tiny lakeside village charm you time after time.

Hague is also home to the story of "George" the Lake George Monster. Georgie was created by Harry Watrous originally to fool his neighbor, Colone William Mann. After successfully scaring his neighbor, Watrous went on to spook anyone who boated by his lakefront home with Georgie.

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Hague, NY Listings
mostly frozen waterfall with photo credit to john haywood
Hague Brook Falls
Hague, NY
A two-part waterfall where Hague Brook meets NY 8.
Hague Historical Society
Check out historical exhibits or catch an educational program about Hague's history including graphite mines, genealogy, local industry and more.
Clifton West Museum
Hague, NY
History of Hague, the once booming town of Graphite and the mining operation. Gallery and museum featuring local Adirondack artists.