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The Adirondack Blue Challenge: Hike 10 Mountains

The Adirondack Blue Challenge, created by the Adirondack Blue Co., consists of 10 favorite family- and dog-friendly hikes in the northern Adirondacks. All 10 mountains must be hiked to complete the challenge.

Details & Rules

There are four patches for the completion of this challenge: Finishers, Pup, Winter, and Ultra. The respective patch, postcard, and sticker will be shipped to you after accomplishing the specific challenge, submitting the form showing hike dates, and providing payment of $10. Additional patches are $5 each, and additional stickers are $0.50 each.

image split in two of photos of mountain landscape

Pook-O-Moonshine, photo credit: Donna Bennett

The 4 Patches

  • Finishers: All 10 hikes completed
  • Pup: Dogs completed hikes (Catamount hike not required)
  • Winter: Completed each hike in any winter from December 21 to March 21
  • Ultra: All 10 hikes completed within a single 48-hour period

The 10 Hikes

  • St. Regis Mountain
  • Hurricane Mountain
  • Catamount Mountain
  • Loon Lake Mountain
  • Ampersand Mountain
  • Silver Lake Mountain
  • Jay Mountain
  • Azure Mountain
  • Poke-O-Moonshine Mountain
  • Lyon Mountain

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